Do you desire deeper meaning in your life and clarity on how to create it?

Do you desire connection with a community of like minded individuals that aspire for more from life?


Do you desire to connect more to yourself and gain clarity on the desired of your heart?


Do you feel called to doing the "work" but don't know where to start? 

Do you desire to bridge the gap between your current reality and the life you have always dreamed of, through on going support from someone who has already done it?

Hi!  My name is Zhanna,

Not too long ago, I had a vision for what I wanted my life to look like and the sort of impact I wanted to make in the world.  I felt a deep yearning desire for more, a core ache for freedom and impact, that activated in me the courage to ask for the life and business that is now my reality. 


Every morning, I would sit in stillness and meditate on the following: “I am creating a life and business that affords to to work from all over the world changing (for the better) the lives of all whom I encounter and am compensated well for my great work”

In time, things started to shift and as I reflect, I realize that during time of change, that often felt uncomfortable, I was in fact being guided in the direction of my desires.

This is why I have created the Up Level Immersion Membership.  So that I can help guide others through period of growth and expansion.  I imagine how much more fluid my experience could have been with the proper guidance along the way.  


The Details

My intention for this Membership is to provide all with insights and inspiration to help you create consistent shifts in your lives and businesses.

I will be delivering monthly trainings, mediations, affirmations and journaling prompts into this group for all part of this paid membership.

There will be a monthly theme that I will follow. If you ever you feel called to ask for a specific training, please let me know in the group and I’ll make sure to weave it into the month.

I will also be hanging out in the group to answer any of your questions.

Material Release Schedule:
Week 1 - Monthly Affirmations
Week 2 - Monthly Journaling Prompts
Week 3 - Monthly Training
Week 4 - Monthly Meditation

The order of the above may change based on the inspiration that comes through me as we go.. know that you will always receive one resource from me per week.

We officially kick things off in September!!


You will receive access to all of the above for ONLY:
Pay $330 in full for the year to receive 2 months FREE!


Enroll prior to September 1st and receive a:

1:1 30 Min Laser Focused Coaching session with me!

If you have ever felt like you were made for more..


Have the desire to do great work in the world..


And are looking for the Universal nudge / permission to say YES ..


This is it! 

Are You Ready?



Terms and Conditions: This is an on going paid monthly membership subscription that goes until you cancel it.  Results may very. You get out of this work, that which you put into it. By enrolling in the membership you are agreeing to our standard Terms of Use.

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