I am here to share intuitive guidance,
to help you remember the truth of who you are,
and what you came here to do. 
What you can expect from me: 
Authentic Guidance for attaining your highest potential.
What if the possabilities are endless?


Are you ready to transform and step into living your most Authentic Best life?


Are you willing to do the work?


Are you fed up with all that feels out of alignment in your life?


Feeling a Soul nudge to come home to your Truth and co-create your Dream life? 

What if there is a better way?

Your way

We often ask for the life of our Dreams without realizing that the simple request engages a powerful energetic ripple effect that reverberates throughout our lives ... that which to come about shifts everything that is out of alignment in the here and now.  The shedding process can feel intense and scary.  


Your Ultimate truth feels Good, Aligned, Peaceful and Intensely powerful at the same time.  There is no fear , no need to make sense, No need to prove or disprove.  It feels like a complete coming home to self without question. 

When I realized that I was the only one responsible for my life, I was able to take my power back.  I am here to help guide you through a process of remembering who you Really are and what you came here to do.


Hi, I am Zhanna Romm

Not that long ago I was in a dead end job, lacking passion and purpose.  I realized that I was made for more and decided that I was no longer Ok going through life sitting on the sidelines.


I took myself through a process of getting clear on my hearts desire to help others. I owning my part in the life that I was creating for myself.  I became aware of areas in my life that I was being inauthentic and playing small.  I took action and created new possibilities for my life. I learned that we are all capable of doing the same.

Now, it is my joy and honor to help others get clear on their desires / passion and take courageous inspired action in the creation of their dream life.

What does it  look like?

You work intimately with me in an Intensive Deep Dive Private 1:1 Mentorship setting.

During each session, we go deep, venturing into the spaces you have been too afraid to look, transforming your fears and perceived limitations, into our Superpowers.

Our time together is intended to support you in creating shifts in your perception and improve your conscious communication skills so that you can positively impact your personal relationship and business. 

plus: You will receive homework, tailored to your individual needs, to keep you engaged and inspired between sessions.  The homework is powerful on its own and will help create permanent shifts for you in your life. 
plus: Private Voxer messenger support between sessions.
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My life has turned upside down and back up again, but all good things.... I moved out of a shitty depressing apartment, and doubled my rent into a beautiful space where I wake up and go to bed HAPPY and grateful, and it supports me on reaching my next level.


I recently had a Title change and am now President of my company. I have turned my business model around to work on creating monthly reoccurring revenue, which the lack of predictability in cash flow has been a problem we've never figured out.


I am just more self aware of limiting beliefs and I recognize them for that, versus letting it take me out. Much much more, but those are a few.

Zhanna is CONSISTENT and organized, and extremely professional.

Working with a coach, you need someone to really show up for you. And she always does. I always get a recap of our session within the hour or by the next day, her follow up is excellent and again - always consistent. I also love that she knows what's most important to me, and helps ensure the sessions are customized to that. Also - her meditations....are LIFECHANGING. Seriously, I have had some crazy powerful awakenings happen and I always feel amazing after our sessions.


If you have been thinking about working with a coach, just do it!  Be ready and willing to do the work and know that working with Zhanna will 150% get you results.


Zhanna's presence in my life as a coach has taken me farther and quicker in reaching my big visions than I ever could have imagined! She is challenging in a direct and loving way, and I know that she has my best interests at 💓. I feel like I have a powerful force in my corner. When I have reached out to her in times of stress she has given me the few exact things I needed to hear to allow me the breakthrough I needed. I can't say enough fantastic things about Zhanna.


If you are looking for rapid change in your life, and ready to live the life of your dreams, Zhanna is the coach for you!!!


I have been so blessed to come into this space and work with Zhanna one on one. There are so many wonderful things I could say. I have struggled with depression and anxiety for most of my life and I went through some really bad times that led me to better myself which snowballed into me finding this spiritual journey that would allow me to feel peace.


I first joined Zhanna in her S/He is Risen challenge and felt called to work with her almost immediately after hearing her beautiful words and wisdom. She and I had a couple calls and at that time I felt so unsure about if I could commit to her because, short and simple, I was worried about money. She explained to me how all I needed to do was ask for what I needed and it would show up, and I did that, but my fear told me I couldn’t do this. Soon after this I lost my job and thought “oh great, I DEFINITELY don’t have the money for this now”. Over the next 6/7 weeks I continued to try to learn on my own, but I knew I wanted to work with Zhanna and my heart would sink when I’d see her beautiful posts because my soul was hurting to have been denied so harshly by my own self.

What to expect
FOr your LIfe, RELATIONSHIPS & Business
If you have been yearning to come home to a space within, that is more aligned than the external world of your experience.. know that you are not alone in your desire for greater connection to truth and purpose.
During our time together, you can expect to go through an intensive, all encompassing transformation.  I will take your through my process of unlearning old habits and limiting beliefs that no longer server you. 
Be prepared to up-level, realign with your hearts desires, and come home to your most authentic self.   
I customize the program based on your needs.  I have two options for you to choose from below.  Regardless of which option you choose, prepare to experience massive shifts in every area of your life and business.  
This will be a equal balance of intuitive energy work and practical applicable aligned action steps to create the results that you desire in your life and business.
Clients have doubled and trippled their monthly income, transitioned from the corporate work and into their passion driven businesses.  They have called in their soul mate relationships after healing deep core wounds and falling madly in love with themselves. 
You can expect a holistic approach to up-leveling your life and business.
I have never worked with a coach?  Is this for me? Yes! If you feel so called and willing to do your part, this is the program for you. I can not do the work for you but I will support you and guide you all the way through. 
Is there a payment plan option?  Yes! I offer payment plans.  
What can I expect out of my coaching program ?  Expect to walk away with a transformed sense of self and the ability to create your life by design.  I give you all of the tools and guide your through the step by step process of creating massive results.  
What is your refund policy?  Due to the nature of the program(s), there are no refunds.  Upon submission of payment, you agree to the terms of the discussed client /coach program agreement. 
Can you guarantee result?  You get, out of your coaching, that which you put into it.  With that, I believe in the massive results that are possible for anyone I work with.  Clients have walked away with live's transformed.  I don't not however guarantee specific results.   
I am holding space
Are you Ready?

Are you feel called and want to learn more and to see if you are a good fit?   

Email your inquiry at the link below:

Disclaimer: Individual results can not be guaranteed. I believe in the results that are possible for my clients as a result of the work we do together.  I don't not however guarantee specific results. Refund Policy: Due to the nature of this work, there are no refunds.

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Then I saw PROOF that the wisdom Zhanna was sharing with me was for real, I had the exact thing in hand that was my ego’s reason for resistance. I got exactly what I had asked the universe to provide me with and I immediately went to Zhanna asking what steps I needed to take to work with her personally.

I have really only just begun working with Zhanna and I already feel transformed just from honoring what my soul desired. She is so wonderful to work with and has so much wisdom passing through her. This is a powerful container and I know it is worth it for every person who feels called to working with Zhanna.

My suggestion is to not waste time denying yourself, just do it and it will be perfect! I have been working on my spiritual journey for ~3 years alone, but have felt more transformation in just a week of working with Zhanna than I did in all of that time. There is power in numbers. This work is so beautiful and I am so excited to see how far it takes me