Change your perception.. Change your life.

Updated: Dec 15, 2018

Your perception of your life lessons, shapes your reality.

Are you seeing yourself as a powerless victim lost at sea? Or rather, viewing every experience, as an opportunity for growth, perfectly orchestrated to lead you to this very moment?

Do you carry your wounds as a badge of honor and reason why you are simply one of the unlucky ones. You are not .. you weren't forgotten. Those lessons were meant to make you more resilient. Those scars adorn you as a reminder of how far you have come, how strong you truly are, and what you are capable of overcoming.

Here is the truth of the matter. Any discomfort you are currently experiencing, is a sign of resistance. Resistance to the natural order and flow of the universe, that is actually guiding you in the, right direction.

What if that demotion is the catalyst for you to take inspired action that results in an amazing job offer that is the perfect manifestation of what you have been wanting all along. All that time complaining about how bad you have it, how much you hate your job and wanted a way out.

Yet when it is presented, rather than recognizing it do you just resort to the old habit of missing the big picture and crying some more. Going and numbing out. Throwing yourself a pitty party and keeping yourself stuck in the same old song and dance story of how unfortunate you are.

Why me, you say? Why is this happening to me?

What if .. it's happening for you rather than to you?

What if .. the life challenge is actually a detour attempting to take you in the right direction? I say "attempting" because so many of us fight the pivot... refuse to accept that there is a possibility of something better out there for you.

And in your resistance you push through and persevere ... taking on the poor hand you have been dealt. Spinning out and loose yourself in a downward spiral of depression. Trying your best to force and make things happen, all the while judging yourself and your unworthiness. What a vicious cycle. This is not way to live.

Over and over, the lesson repeats itself until it is learned. The Universe is nudging you, steering you back in the direction aligned for your greatest good. Yet, at the end of the day, nothing will overrule your will. Lean in. Surrender to what is so that you can allow what is meant for you to be made manifest.

The next time something doesn't workout.. ask yourself.. what is the lesson here?

How can I see things differently? How can I see this working in my favor?

Ask yourself.. What is my next most aligned action step?

Where am I blocking myself, from receiving my hearts desire?

Your perception is everything.. are you looking at life through a wounded lens? Accepting the that you are a powerless victim?

Or seeing clearly, the silver lining of each and every guided lesson that has come your way. Mean to empower and inspire your co-creational abilities.

Each lesson is a stepping stone to the life you are made to live. You must first give yourself permission to dream the dream and then allow yourself to receive it.

Which lens do you choose to look through?

Which way of being do you desire?

Resistance and pain?


Ease and Flow?

#perception #alignedliving #cocreator #livingtruth

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