Why waiting is counterintuitive.

Updated: Jan 2, 2019

What is so different about today? Well today is a day I surely surrendered to Soul. 'Cause why not?

What is the worse that can happen?

Allow a day.. drifting around led my my higher self?

Sounds pretty amazing. I imagined I'd get into some pretty magical things with little to no effort on my part.

Affirm: Today I choose to be led and free myself from a regimented daily task list of "shoulds" and "need" to dos.

So there I went... fully surrendered and answering only to Soul day!!

And ohh did the magic flow.. and flow it did right out of me.

I have the privilege to channel some powerful insights for clients and built out a glorious new course that I am over the moon thrilled to share with everyone.

I know that, whatever was created from the space of absolute surrender and trust today, is pure magic and must be shared.

Regardless of however it is received.. however.. I said YES to Soul today and I know with absolute certainty that every step, every action, every spoken word was perfectly aligned.

And for this I am so deeply grateful.

Where in your life are you holding on tightly.. fearing letting go .. inadvertently blocking yourself from receiving you heart desires.. mucking up your flow and pushing to no end?

I invite you to throw "caution" to the wind and lean into soul.. surrender and allow yourself to be completely guided from that space within you that you tend to ignore most days .. if not all of them .

Follow the link for details on The Fabulously Abundant You 7 Day Intensive .. Special VIP offer available... Bonus Pre-Work.. and the course Launches full on January 14th. New Year.. True You.. & Your Fabulously Abundant Life.

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