Who am I? What am I here to do?

Sit with it.. as you ask yourself a deep a question.. such as this..

Who are you?

What are you here to do?

See what comes up for you. The answer may surprise you.

There is an inner knowing that lives in you, waiting for you to surrender and listen to the Truth of who you are. Waiting for some time now. Patiently loving you from a distance... waiting for you to say YES.

The answer may shock you, even bring you to tears. You will know when you have come upon the Truth when you feel it come over you.. that"aha" moment .. chills down the spine... a feeling of absolute certainty reverberating through every cell of your being.

Trust that. No matter how much you fear it... Trust and know that as your Truth.

You as the magnificent being of creation. The sleeping giant playing small.

Yes, YOU.. you have created this less than life for yourself and have been "playing" house ever since.

But who's house is it? Really? This house you built of glass... more concerned with keeping up with the Joneses than what burns deep down in your soul.

Aren't you tired ? Tired of pretending and trying so hard to create this so called picture perfect life, based on a story outside of yourself that was never your own.

YES... you are.. I was.

It's exhausting living unauthentically.. having to keep all the facts straight. Living to appease.

What will they think? What will they say? Who am I to be MORE than basic, vanilla, mainstream?

YOU are an extension of great wisdom. Made for more. YOU playing small serve NO ONE.

See I have been playing small.. not writing.. over thinking.. over feeling.. buying into the story of stuck, resistance, blocks, and fear.

For what? We are powerful creators of our world.. and this life that we are living is made for so much more than what we have been living up to.

Why are we so afraid of our own power? We are connected to the UNIVERSAL Consciousness. Yet we play soo small.. soo fragile.. so weak and pathetic.

This life isn't about you and your little ego self ...

Don't you see.. YOU have work to do.. truth to share (powerful truth to share).. a world to inspire.. yet instead, you choose to go unconscious and make it all about your little self.

Do you really believe you are running the show?

You have let your stories run a muck in your life. Keeping you from showing up and owning the truth of who you are and what you came here to do.

The next time you feel "stuck", "resistance", "fear"..

Ask yourself:

What if I did know? What if I wasn't stuck? What if there was no resistance? What if I wasn't afraid? Then what? What would I do in this moment? Who would I choose to be right now?

What would I say? What would I write?

I sat down today committing myself to honoring my truth and what is meant to come through me . I honor and respect the amazing @katrinaruth for inspiring me to do more and be more me. To bring more of my soul into this world as it desperately needs it. She once shared how she overcame "not knowing" what to write or do next.

So simple.. when you feel/perceive/hear "I don't know what to say, do, write." ... as yourself:

"But what if I did know what to say, do, write now? What would I say, do, know, and write?"

These words got me to pick up my computer and just start. These words helped me to surrender and allow the words to flow out of me.

"I am the messenger.. it is not my place to question the message.. only to share it and share it with confidence."

This world needs more of YOUR Soul.. Remember that and share it freely as often as possible.

Are you ready? To come home to the truth of who you are and what you came here to do?

To come home to you?

#comehometoyou #liveyourtruth #soulwork

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