When you fall madly in love with loving you first

Life opens up in beautiful ways.. just watch and see..


Aren’t you tired of placing false idles Before you?

The YOU made in the image of the creator as the creation..

Don’t you see that the answers you seek are already in you?

Focus within you and know that you joined by the the most powerful force in existence.

I write these words while in flight to New York on Wednesday afternoon..

I booked the flight because I felt called .. and I knew that the details of the trip would simply work themselves out in the most aligned an powerful way..

Because when you trust the nudges that speak to you from within.. you are always led to the most favorable outcome.

As I reflect I feel deep gratitude for the life I have co-created for myself that affords me the freedom to get up and go.. to truest fully and be guided. (I shared more on this in my previous post during my visit to New York)

It’s often so easy to get lost in the hustle and forget to reflect on how far you have come and also how quickly..

I was feeling frustrated this morning.. tired.. irritated by the weather.. annoyed at the delays.. all the human emotions that lack gratitude..

I asked .. what is the lesson here and how can I use it for good?

I pulled out my journal and went for it... fully engaged in release and shifting the energy that I was sitting in..

Each word dropping me into gratitude.. into shift my mind to focus on what is thriving ..

Easing me into Grace.. into surrender.. into the absolute certainty that it’s safe to feel, safe to release.. safe to process and let go..

Safe to remember that is all perfect. Ever the discomfort and that I could choose to let go and shift it now..

Not one day .. some distance dream..


And I shifted, felt myself relax.. felt the tension and frustration dull ..

Felt myself drop into the truth that all of this is actually perfect and working out for my greatest good.

That I have nothing to worry about.. nothing to enforce.. nothing to judge myself for..

Sometimes on this journey of self awakened living.. we take responsibility for things outside of ourselves and rationalize these not so comfortable experiences as punishment..

“What did I do to deserve this? Why have you forsaken me?.....”

It’s all feedback however.. a reminder to look at what is working.. to see life through the eyes of love.. to release and let go of the fear mind beliefs..

And to fully trust that it’s all working out for your greatest good .. even when it doesn’t appear to be so.

Today, I invited you to feel.. feel all of it.. let it come up.. without judgement.. all the crazy.. up and out ..

Create a clearing .. to activate flow.

Like a faucet it turns on full force.. as soon as space becomes available..

You are held in your up level / purging the old process..

Just breathe my Loves.. it’s all working out for you in your favor..

Honor you .. no need to give any of it meaning.. it’s simply energy that needs to be released.

Let it out.. so that your gifts may flow freely from your being.

You are loved.. for the truth of who you are .. at your core..

The world needs your gifts..

Are you read to unearth them..

To bring them to light and to share them with the world?

I was just there.. uncertain yet feeling called only a short 12 months ago.

It doesn’t have to take long...

Let me show you.. email info@zhannaromm.com if you are ready to collapse time and quantum shift into the next level you .. living your next level life.

I currently have three slots open before I am booked out with 1:1 clients.

Btw... my Self Love and Acceptance 6 week intensive.. starts 02/16/19.


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