When you are in flow.. it gets to be easy.

Trust that the universe does truly have your back and get comfortable with how supported you get to be each step of the way.

Are you blocking yourself from ease and flow? Feeling like "hard" is the way life just is?

Today was a wild reminder of how easy things really get to be when you surrender and allow yourself to be carried through the day.

Within 24 hours my world got rocked, flipped, and turned upside down in the most powerful way. For those of you who don't know me, I have my real estate license and help my amazing clients find and sell their homes in my spare time.. ie. when I am not working with my coaching clients.

You are probably wondering, where do I find the time?

See, I lean into guidance and taking aligned inspired action, which then opens up something I call universal time. It is an experience that I can describe as a feeling of time opening up for you .. ensuring that your heart felt and clear intentions/desires are fulfilled.

I'll go more into this later on in this post. Before I do, I'll share the events of my day. I woke up to my brokerage company closing its doors which left me with 24 hours to find a new firm and transfer my pending contract. This came within hours of learning that the "simple mole removal" procedure I had done the week prior resulted in the reality of a Basal Cell Carcinoma (the less scary form of skin cancer, but still had me facing my mortality).

I am not sharing this for pity or to bring up fear energy.. rather to shine a light on the truth of what is present in this moment. As I do, I remember that everything that is meant for me will never miss me.. so in that I must recognize that there is a lesson and teachable moment here. That at the end of this period of growth and transformation, I will use this experience for good.

More on this to come as I am guided to share.... In the mean time, lets get back to it:

So there I was.. opening my eyes the morning of a rather intense and confronting 24 hour period. I had this feeling of certainty and though "ok.. its time.. lets get this thing called life sorted lady!" and off I went.

Fast forward to today.. as I sit and reflect on the event of the day.. I am looking back and feeling so deeply grateful for the beautiful, supportive way my day played out. I felt a surge of energy within me as I took guided action after action throughout my day. I felt so supported and clear .. and was able to sort all the details with grace, ease, and in super flow.

Looking back, It is obvious to me that my entire day was sorted for me and got to be really easy when I surrendered and took inspired action. I made call after call.. interviewed a number of brokerages.. connected with some amazing people.. decided on an aligned brokerage.. transferred my license.. spoke to my attorney.. sorted my pending contract transfer.. spoke to the the Drs office and scheduled my surgery for the following Saturday morning.. sent out two new coaching client emails along with three follow up emails.. confirmed details for my next two live events.. got on a two coaching client calls.. all crammed into 7 very productive hours of FLOW.

It didn't end there however.. I felt the energy carry me through when I went to the store for winter boots with my bf... where I happened to come upon the most amazing black pumps, of course (I have been envisioning a new pair of comfortable and sexy black pumps for weeks) along with an even more amazing pair of white heels as well, because why not?

The best part of our shopping adventure was the clearance upon clearance upon extra coupon code (which has just made its way into my email that morning right before my bf text me asking if I had any vouchers from said store). We ended up walking out with a brand new pair of winter boots for him (originally $200), my two pair of pumps (originally $120) and two pairs of the most comfy fireplace sox ($12) for a grand total of $156 after tax!!

My day.. my most "chaotic", "intense", "overwhelming","hard" day was anything but.. and I know in my being that it worked out so perfectly for me because I was willing to do my part and allow the Universal Guidance of Truth to come through and support me.

Reflecting back today.. yes it took work on my part.. but it felt soooo EASY at the end of the day. NO force.. NO strain.. NO pain.. just FLOW.

The next time you are facing "challenges" and feeling confronted.. get clear, remember that you have everything you need, be willing to do your part, and allow yourself to be guided through the muck of it in a Flowy and supported way.

Let go and let the FLOW carry you.

You are supported. You are guided. You already have everything you need inside of you to know exactly what to do next. What you will find on the other side of allowing.. is perfectly aligned for you and your greatest good.

Massive love - Zhanna

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