What is Your Zone of Genius?

What is zone of genius?

What are simply naturally great at?

If money was no issue, what would have you jumping out of bed every morning at the thought of way you love?

What is that ? That passion fueled action that lights you up?

It’s always been in you.. you have always been inclined to it.. regardless of what “job” you have held at any period of time.

My zone of genius has always been being able to see, with absolute certainty, the highest and best version / outcome for any said situation.

I am able to see the truth in all things.. the truth that lives underneath the stories we often fabricate to hide it form ourselves.

The human condition ... has us inclined to creating a fabrication of false truths to hide what lives beneath for us..

Some may call it clairvoyance or intuition..

I call it a desire for the TRUTH and an end to suffering that is not necessary.

A desire to bring you home to the truth of who you are, what you came here to do, and the life you are meant to live.

You were made for so much more ..

Made to show up fully and bring forth that underlying truth into the world.

The often confused world.. needs YOUR core Truth..

Needs you to rise up.. stand up.. and be the expression of what is possible for all of us in this embodiment.

Are you ready to release the stories that have been holding you back from fully living?

Are you ready to say YES and step fulling into your soul work?

Are you looking for the “HOW”?

Looking for the answer to: Where do I begin?

This is where I come in... I help high achieving, soul led entrepreneurs say YES, step fully into their purpose, and get their amazing zone of genius gifts into the world and the hands of those whom need them

Are you a spiritual entrepreneur, ready to say YES? Ready, willing, and able to do the work?

Are you looking for the clearest and most effective process to get your work into the world in record time? 6-8 weeks to full time in your business and thriving?

I’ve taken the steps that got me to leave my “job” and embark full time in my coaching business... the steps that have organically grown my business to 6 figures in less than 6 months.

I am here to help you collapse time as I share what I have learned from figuring it out on my own.

DM me if this message resonates with you. I am yours in service.

📸 Maggie Johnson

Teaser alert: Working on an amazing group program in partnership with my soul sister Anna Vandervlugt Locke to go LIVE in April 2019

Stay tuned .. details to come over the next few weeks.

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