What is the lesson here? How can I use this for good?

These are questions I ask myself often when faced with life's challenges.

When something feels out of alignment. When you sense that there is a a lack of integrity. When things don't workout the way you expect them to, it is important to reflect on the underlying lesson.

Have you ever considered that what happens in your life is actually all happening for you, not to you?

Have you considered that your way may not be the best way?

Have you considered that part of the lesson may be honing your ability to trust yourself.. your inner knowing.. you guidance system .. above all else?

The truth of the matter is, that every single experience in our lives guides us to this TRUTH. You know, always knew, and will always know what is True and Aligned for you.

Yes others may inspire you. Yes, there may be some truth in what they say, teach, share.. but that doesn't mean it is the absolute and best for you.

Learning to trust yourself and tuning into your inner world is of the highest and best always!

This applies to all situations in your life. When something doesn't feel right.. your inner guidance is speaking to you...

Trust it.. and take action accordingly.

This means.. releasing the need to force and make things happen. If its not meant to work out.. there is a reason. There is a something better awaiting you on the horizon.

Surrender your go desire to control .. and allow yourself to be guided to a state of ease, grace, and flow.

Will it be scary at times? YES.

Will you have to take a stand (often uncomfortably) for the truth? YES.

Will it "feel" hard? (it only feels that way because its a new way of being that is stretching you) YES

Will it be worth it? HELL YES!!

Take a stand for the truth.. take a stand for Love.. Take a stand for healing the collective (no mater how uncomfortable you feel being the odd ball out)..

When enough of us take a stand in our power.. when we put the truth, love, and our healing journey first... we heal the collective as a result.

This isn't about exerting power over others.. this isn't about forcing change..

Do your work.. show up in truth daily.. take a stand for living your most authentic life.. laser focused.. in your lane.. paving a way.. living the expression of possibility...

I speak to and for those whom are called... those whom hear the call... and especially those whom answer.

I stand with you .. aligned.. attuned.. empowered.. engaged.

When enough of us RISE up in this way.. the outcome we seek is inevitable..

Healing the collective from the Inside Out.

As Within .. So Without..

Dare to go on a journey of Self Love & Acceptance? Join me starting February 16th for a 6 week healing course on forgiveness, love, and abundance.

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