What does it mean to be human?

A being of light, in spirit, experiencing the human condition. (Channeled Truth)

What does it mean to be human? To see wholeness in its entirety. To comprehend connection and transcendence . To look upon the world as an extension of the self. As within, so without.

Knowing the truth of who you are and what you are made to do . The life you are meant to live, in alignment with Spirit Guidance. Without said Guidance, we have nothing, we are nothing.

"Surrender and allow... allow the truth that is Ultimate to guide and shine through"

What is the impact you are here to make? Ask yourself. Realize that the answer will never come from outside of you. Our humanity exists in Spirit, a realm attuned to truth. Attuned and engaged with the greatest good of all.

In this realm there is no separation, no limitations, no judgement.. only connection, love, and unity.

Your perceptions have been skewed and Truth misconstrued for far too long. You have forgotten how powerful you are. You have disowned your Truth and turned away from yourself. You have bought into the belief that you are separate and alone in this. What a farce. Silly humans.

Do you really believe that you are the one apple that has fallen too far from the tree? The tree of life in connection to the Diving flow that is always supporting and guiding you? Guiding and available to all of us equally. Dear child, everything is always available to you. You were made for more and to share more.

Remember this as your Truth and your Birthright as a human being. Here in Spirit and in service, you get to have all the things. You are the source of Transformation in this world.

Your stories do not mean anything about who you can be n this life. It is time you remember who you are.. you as the light.

YOU as you STAND, as the LIGHT, as a LIVING example of what is possible for humanity.

YOU knew this to be TRUTH, from the very beginning.. at birth, and ever since, it has lived in you.

The time has come.. for to you remember who you truly are and what you came here to do.

#lightworker #inspiredtruth #soulalignment #rapidascension

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