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Updated: Mar 14, 2018

The Riley Youmans Story - @iamdaximus

Healing Frequencies of Music for the Mind, Body and Spirit

Ever since I can remember, I have been fascinated with music. Striking a cord with me early on in life, I found myself often turned to music as my escape from a non so favorable reality.

Music has a way of soothing us in times of emotional upheaval, inspiring us to heal and offering relief when we need it most.

To this day, seldom does a day go by that I go without listening to music that moves me. Over the years my taste has fluctuated, ranging from old school oldies to the soothing sounds of tropical house music. If I had to choose a musical preference at this time in my life, I'd most definitely lean in the direction of tropical house with a secondary preference of the Al Green era in time. I am huge on creating a space of serenity, peace and joy within myself as well as in the space that surrounds me.

This brings me to the inspiration for today's topic. Excuse me as a stray off topic for a moment. I promise that it will bring us full circle.

There are moments sprinkled throughout our lives meant to awaken and inspire us. Moments of soul recognition that ignite a passion within us that move us to our core. That little all-knowing voice within us speaking to us through our outer experiences. Have you ever met someone and felt an instant "knowing" about the being that stands before you? Yet, you know all to well that you have never met before (not in this lifetime at least).

Id like to share a story with you about just such a moment in my existence. It was the moment I met a talented young man by the name of Riley Youmans. He had an aura about him. It was very evident that this was a deep and special soul, radiating warmth, humility and a spark of Divine light. Within moments of meeting this young man, he looks at me and mid conversation says.. "I feel like I know you? Where do I know you from?" I just smiled because I knew that our paths hadn't crossed before but recognized a moment of divine inspiration asking for my heightened awareness.

Little did I know at this time that this young man happened to be a talented producer of music and well known local DJ by the name of Daximus (I told you I'd bring us back to where we started today). You may be wondering what makes this "DJ" so special / different from the rest? In my opinion, based on an inner knowing and awareness, it became rather evident to me that this young man has "IT" within minutes of meeting him and listening to him speak on his passion for music. "IT" being a talent and inherent God given gift that can not be taught.

"I grew up playing piano and drums as a kid, I always had some rhythm going on in my head. I was the kid banging on tables and pans and stuff, always trying to make a beat out of anything I could [find]" - Riley Youmans / Daximus

Inspired by hip hop and rap in his youth (he is a rather talented as free-styling as a result), Riley was introduced to electronic music in high school and hasn't looked back since. "I still remember getting chills when I heard the bass through his headphones" - recalling the moment a high school buddy played a song for him from Excision. This was the defining moment in his life that took him down his current path. When I asked him what his goal is in his pursuit of his dreams. His answer reminded me of the importance of supporting this new and amazingly talented millennial generation (read more about this in my Millennial Questions Blog post).

As a youth in a perfect position to inspire this highly impressionable future generation using his music as a driving force, Riley emphasizes the importance of feeling the music and creating an experience for his listeners. His words hit home with me when he spoke of getting "high" on the music. I too, have always been drawn to music because of the feelings it elicits rather than the recreational environment surrounding the industry.

He speaks of identifying a hobby that you enjoy more than anything. Doing it for you, not allowing the opinions of others to sway your conviction. Maintaining your focus on your goals with the intent of creating a positive impact on your followers/listeners, ensuring that you achieve massive results in the process. The destination is key. Get clear on that vision and strive every moment, every day to achieve success. You are a guiding light Riley! Keep it up!

I look forward to seeing what he has in store for us in the up coming future. Check out some of his current releases:

One of my personal favorite tracks of his:

Thank you for the inspiration @iamdaximus (follow him on Instagram for updates)... onward and upward! May you inspire many more along the way. God Bless!!!

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