The Millennial Question

Inspiring the "uninspired"

Today's topic of discussion is one I've spent many a moment racking my brain over. I felt an initial spark of inspiration when I came upon a YouTube video titled "The Interview that Broke the internet" featuring Simon Sinek (full video link referenced at the end of this post). Please take a moment to view the abridged clip before reading on:

What is the Millennial Question?

Now lets take a step back and reflect on the truth we have just heard as it relates to our experience either as or with a millennial. Do you agree in the aforementioned? Are the individuals identified as the millennial generation hard to manage, entitled, narcissistic, self-centered, unfocused, lazy? How is it that they confound leadership?

Viewing challenges as opportunities for growth, why not change our leadership approach?

In my personal experience, spanning over a decade in management, I found that although this generation can be "tough" to manage, they can also be the most receptive and rewarding to inspire. The key word here being inspire. Inspire: fill (someone) with the urge or ability to do or feel something, especially to do something creative. (Google Dictionary).

There is a lack of good leadership in a society quick to pass the buck. Rather than placing blame upon this generation, for all of the perceived deficiencies society has projected upon them, I ask that we instead take a look at ourselves and reflect on the Millennial Question. Viewing challenges as opportunities for growth, why not change our leadership approach? If we are not part of the solution, aren't we part the problem?

Id like to share a few wise words, from a millennial, that I found both inspiring and contrary to the characteristic traits used to define them.

"I have this motto, wake up each morning, go out and accomplish something. Learn something, get closer to your goal... or prepare for a defining moment in your life. The worst thing in the world is waking up with no purpose. [With] nowhere to be, nothing to accomplish." - anonymous

As I read these words, thoughts of laziness, entitlement, and lack of focus are the last to enter my mind. Yet, these are the words used to describe a generation filled with highly talented and purpose driven individuals that need forward thinking leadership. This generation was ever so perfectly crafted to challenge us in ways that we need for our growth as leaders and for the betterment of our society as a whole. I always look for the deeper meaning in things.. the profound approach to living. This is my version of the Truth that resides in my heart as Divine Inspiration.

I've had the pleasure of working with some of the most talented, caring, driven, and inspiring individuals (thank you to all those that are reading this post), who all happen to be Millennials. I am grateful to each and every one of them for fostering my growth as a leader and as a person. I view them as so much more than just another statistic and see the impact that each and every one is meant to make in this world based on his/her true purpose. Where others may overlook talent and fail to see the black diamonds that are walking among us in this amazing generation, I choose to dig deeper and invest in the polishing of the gems within each and every one of them.

I`d like to digress here for a brief moment and then bring you back at my closing. In a recent training class with a most talented instructor and coach, Megan Bhatia (, I was given the privilege to see myself through someone else eyes. After a intense post-training pow pow with my peers, she used the word Catalyst to describe me. Catalyst: a person or thing that precipitates an event. I found her use of the word very intriguing and am honored to be perceived as so. It is my goal, my purpose in life rather, to inspire change for the better in all of my interactions. So it is with pride that I accept her understanding of my intent. I hope that I have been and may continue to be the Catalyst for positive change in the lives of those whom I encounter along my path.

The reason I felt the need to touch on this thought provoking moment, is that it reminds me of the importance that perception plays in our every days lives. There may not always be clarity and truth in all of our perceptions. When a perception resonates with the truth that resides within an individual however, there is no greater recognition. This brings me to the Millennial Question and the need to reevaluate our perception and understanding of the generation that holds the power of transforming our future as a society in its hands. What roll are we playing in creating this future with/through them?

The Interview that Broke the Internet (Full Video)

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