Surrendering to your super power

Do you know what you came here to do? The core reason that calls to you?

Have you ever sat with yourself and wondered what you are really here to do? I mean REALLY here to do? Who you are made to be and what YOUR unique gifts are?

Your GIFTS.. your CALLING.. your SOUL DRIVEN work.. what you came here to do.. have you forgotten?

They are in there.. buried inside of you where you left them forever ago.

The quiet whisper, patiently waiting for you to awaken.

What is is that you are so naturally great at .. that it just comes easy to you.. that if someone else were to consider doing the same.. they might find it mind numbing and excruciating to even consider.

Yet for you.. you would do it with a beaming smile on your face and a fire in your heart. It's the thing you have been saying NO to .. to yourself ever since you could remember.

Believing that there is no way one can possibly make money doing what one loves.

Who's rules are you playing by exactly? Your gifts are your soul aligned work.. granted to you on purpose, with purpose. The world needs those gifts desperately.

Have you ever thought, for a moment, that you were created on purpose, your gifts placed in you on purpose? The desires of your heart, in perfect alignment with what you are to contribute in this lifetime?

What if there are no accidents, coincidences, mistakes? That everything in nature is set up to play out harmoniously? That it is actually our human ego mind, creating drama and confusion within us, and keeping us from walking out aligned path?

Life has placed layers of false truths, limiting beliefs, fear based thoughts upon you.. hindering you from tapping into and clearly remembering who you truly are.

There is a process of unlearning to remember the truth of who we are that is necessary in our current day society. You are not alone in this.. there is help in guiding you home.. home to you.

Lear more about what it means to COME HOME TO YOU now.

#comehometoyou #authenticliving #alignedaction #inspiredliving

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