Running on empty in response to lack...

Updated: Jan 30, 2019

Are your actions, choices, decisions creating unnecessary pain in your life?

Are you blocking your Abundance?

It is nearly impossible to receive and allow in the energy of scarcity and fear. Setting healthy boundaries within yourself as well as with others is crucial for your mental health and business success.

Feeling like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders?

There was a people pleaser that ran the show a great deal of the time in my life (she still comes knocking every so often). I had no idea how out of balance I was as I attempted to appease and cater all of the needs of others.

As you can only imagine, such a state of existence isn't very sustainable.

I would go from one extreme of the other looking to connect and make everyone else happy (the belief that my worth is somehow directly correlated to my being able to help/save everyone .. sound familiar?) to wanting to shut myself off from the work and just be left alone.

This was rather intense for me as an Empath especially as I would pick up on and absorb the emotional energies of those around me.

Looking back, its now wonder that I developed an eating disorder (in my late teens), as a means of coping with the havoc I was reeking on my internal landscape. I had no skill set to assert myself. No awareness of any healthy boundaries. I don't know that I even knew what that meant in my early years. I was raised in a very dominant, lack mindset, codependent, and controlling house hold. There was a lack of teaching one how to live one's life and more of an iron clad fist telling me what to do.

This created a great deal of confusion as one could imagine. I never quite understood myself or how I fit in to a world that felt so different than what I had , intuitively sensed it is intended to be.

So there I went swinging from one extreme to the other.. self medicating myself with food, alcohol, and exercise.. confused, lost, and totally out of control.

Although I looked very controlled on the outside and I believed I was doing what I needed to to survive this world and be successful. Controlling my emotions in a toxic way.. never giving myself permission to feel and judging myself heavily if an emotion ever came bubbling up.

I was a square peg attempting to force myself to fit into a circle... forcing and cramming it all down and in to appease a world that was equally as confused and tormented as I was.

It took me roughly a decade to unlearn the toxic habits and understanding I had about life. Many lessons later and finally learning to trust my inner guidance I realized that everything that has appeared to be wrong and not good enough for me based on societal standard, actually made me perfect.

My high vibe energy (diagnosed as ADD), my ability to tune in and create vivid visions in my mind (I have manifested many an amazing miracle as a result), my empathic ability (which would rub people all too often the wrong way as they were attempting to hide all that I could see/feel as clear as day).

See, all I ever wanted from the earliest memory was to love the pain away. I saw the world in its dire state of suffering.. I felt the pain of others and I saw the solutions. Yet, I had no idea what to do with this awareness. No idea how to communicate. I felt misunderstood and attacked when I attempted to share. I was an outsider and felt the torment of being cast out for being different.

Yet I yearned for connection.. real, deep, profound, soul deep dive connections. To be understood and supported on my quest, in the way I knew was possible at my core. I knew that the way things were.. were gravely out of alignment with the truth of who we are and what we all came here to do.

This message has come through a great deal over the last month.. reminding me that I have work to do and as each day passes, I realize that part of my work is to shed light, hold space, and firmly encourage the masses to remember the truth of who they are and what they came here to do.

I've learned the importance of setting healthy boundaries and how by doing so I help myself and others thrive.

There is a reason that you may be feeling overwhelmed and uninspired.. over worked and without "enough" time fore you. Have you been consciously checking in to see where you may be being inauthentic with yourself and others?

Have you set healthy loving boundaries for yourself and in your relationships? (work, love, family, and friendships?)

If the answer is NO... it is no wonder that you are feeling yourself running on empty. I lived my life in response to others, oblivious of the true impact it was having in and on my life. It was only when I became aware of the role I was playing in creating my pain, that I was able to make shifts and overcome it (keep in mind, this is an every day process .. not a one and done).

First look within (as within, so without), then look at your life and quality of your relationships..

Setting healthy boundaries is at the core of calling in more abundance in your life. An abundance of time, money, quality relationships, success, love.. ect.

Ready to do the work but don't know where to start... are you looking for support you in your process of remembering who you really are so that you may show up differently for yourself and others?

To learn more about Coming Home to You.. Click here.

Massive Love - Zhanna

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