Purging the old to reveal the Truth in the now

Looking back with the intention of gratitude and release... realizing that everything is actually always working in your favor.

Have you ever reflected on a moment, and found yourself in awe of how perfectly things had worked out?

A moment in time that took your breath away as you realized that, all along, you had been guided and supported?

A moment that showed you that when you surrender and allow, that miracles will and do play our perfectly in your life?

I was unpacking last night and decided I would go through an old filing case. I thought, what a better way to make room for the new, than to get rid of the old.

To my surprise, as I opened each envelope and neatly folded paper, I felt something stir in me.. I felt sadness, for the person whom I was during times of hardship (my 20s were a hott mess).

Joy, for the person I have become (I open my mail immediately these days and pay bills as they come in - this was not always the case).

Gratitude, for the way that everything in my life was actually always working out for my greatest good, even when it didn't appear and feel that way.

Fear, this one really took me back as I reflected on those not so seemingly easy time. For a moment I felt all the feeling of that scared, lost, confused and lonely girl, trying to make her way in the world.

I sat with her for a moment (feeling fully into my triggered state) and honored her. I held her, I told her it was Ok, that she could relax and know that everything had and is always working in her favor.

I took a deep breath in, felt the relieve and gratitude of how far I have come since those days, and as I released my breath, I let it all go, leaving my past behind me.

I realized then, that the act of letting go in the physical .. activated a clearing and a letting go emotionally and energetically as well. This may mean things need to come up to be felt and released. No need to control or suppress.. just let it all come up and allow yourself to move though.

Bit by bit, layer by layer.. I left it all behind me.. I cleared space.. I made room.. for the Truth of who I am, what I am made of and for, to come through.

With the new year upon us (although this can be done any time you so choose, really).. I invite you to look at:

Where in your life have you been holding on to, and trying to make work, that which is no longer aligned for you (or maybe never was)?

Where can you assess that which can and must go?

This applies in the physical as well as the internal landscape.

Where can you make room? Clear space?

Are you even willing to? Desire to?

Are you ready to clear the cobwebs to unearth the treasure that awaits you?

Be gentle yet firm with yourself ..

What do you really want for yourself?

What are you looking to create in 2019? Write it down:

What is your future goal/vision and what you desire to co-create in 2019

Break it down into pieces: 3 month, 6 month, 9 month, 12 month goals.

Who do you want to be this time next year?

What sort of life do you want to be living?

Are you willing and ready to say YES to YOU and ALL that YOU are made for in this life?

#COMEHOMETOYOU #alignedliving #clearingspace #releasingtheold #trueyouliving

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