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Updated: Feb 9, 2018

An Oney Guillen Story

From the outside looking in, one would perceive your life picture perfect, enviable even. My own first impression was of a man with high esteem and self worth. Your energy infectious and aura intoxicating to all that encounter you. Yet there is much more to you than meets the eye.

Today, I am feeling moved to express my deep gratitude to you for the moments that you set aside to share your truth with me. Thank you for the permission and privilege of sharing your story. You inspire me Oney Guillen.

"This above all: To Thine Own Self Be True" - William Shakespeare

You recently had "To Thine Own Self Be True" tattooed on your forearm. I find your choice absolutely fitting given the topic of this blog post. My intent here is to get to the core of the man that is Oney Guillen. As he stands on his own as more than just the son of a famous baseball legend by the name of Ozzie Guillen.

I'd like to note a disclaimer her as I am one of the least sport savvy individuals on the planet. So meeting you meant nothing more than goof times spent in the company of friends of good friends. I've since had the pleasure of getting to know a humble man with a huge heart and the best of intentions for all those he encounters.

You told me that one of your biggest character flaws is that of "carelessness". This is not to be confused with recklessness. It is the belief that you treat life in laid back manner. Yet I perceive a different truth based on the questions you ask yourself and your Creator.

"Am I a good person?", "How did I get to be so lucky"?, "How can I be deserving of this great life and it not be taken away from me one day?"

It is these exact questions that shed light on the deep level of "caring" that you actually embody. This leads me into the my own set of questions:

"Who are you when I am not looking??"

When you go home at the end of the night are you proud of the man that stares back at you in the mirror? Has he acted with integrity? Spoken honestly? Has he shared his authenticity with all those that crossed his path? This applies to everyone alike. "Who are you when I am not looking?" It is easy to put on a happy face and share only the "filtered" and diluted truth of who you are with the world. I find that it takes courage to be your true and unapologetic self. I also feel that it is our duty to do so to the best of our ability every day.

"I ask God every day, How did I get so lucky?"

How did you get to be so lucky? I challenge you to find the answer and then share its truth with the world. I challenge you to care more everyday. To ask the difficult questions in your moments of solitude as you speak to God. Be honest with yourself. Ask that you be shown the truth of who you really are and the man you were made to be. Challenge yourself to go BIG and care about the things that matter. Consider daily the impact you are meant to have and purpose you are meant to fulfill. Knowing that anything less is a slap in the face of the Creator.

You talk about being guarded and saving the most authentic parts of yourself with a chosen few as the world isn't deserving of your truth. To me that sounds like an ego defense mechanism kicking into high gear in an attempt to protect you and keep you small.

One of my mentors* recently shared something that stuck a cord with me on this exact topic. "Rejection is always protection... its happening for us not to us". If we choose not to put ourselves out there we prevent all the good that is meant for us and the lessons that teach us exactly what is not for us.

We are here on purpose with purpose. Created to inspire. Through telling our stories and sharing our truth, we heal ourselves and in turn heal the world. I see a great man before me with the potential to make a profound impact in the lives of many. It is your choice however, as I can only hope to inspire you (as you have inspired me), to awaken the desire to do so within yourself. The world needs more of the unapologetic authentic Oney Guillen as he stand on his own - a man much more than just his father's son.

* Inspiration from @xoamandafrances

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