Living with Mental Illness

Embracing the Crazy.. living your Truth and Leaning into the Divine Call

Truth Vs Reality - Who's truth are you living into?

My ADD diagnosis resulted in a “mental illness” classification on my medical records .. rather than the truth that I came to discover it to be .. and that being that it is my super power.

My discomfort within this earthly realm manifested as ADD. Doesn’t mean anything is “wrong” with me but rather that I am intuitively able to ascertain that there is something out of alignment and balance in our way of living and being.

The way my energy picks up on subtle shifts in the environment around me, the sensitivity to the emotions of others (given that we are all energy and bleed our crap into the world when not dealing with it within) , and my ability to see solutions where others can only see blocks or have blind spots all together.

All these seemingly unusual and odd characteristics... are ALL my Gifts and Super powers.

My purpose driven goal is to tap in to the unique super powers of others ,with the intention of bringing order and harmony back to their lives. and the world as a whole.

As each of us check in and honor our gifts/super powers, that have been granted us from the Creator of All That Is... we activate and tune in a piece of the harmoniously aligned self within the whole.

As we empower the true self.. the whole is harmonized.

Have you been making yourself wrong for all that you are? Your gifts and your super powers are what you are meant to bring forth into the world.. trust that.

Are you tired of attempting to conform yourself to the "norm".. trying to fit in.. a square peg, rather uncomfortably squeezing itself into a circle?

There is a better way. Let me show you.. help you Come Home to You and the truth of who you are..

Ready to discover and honor your super power?

Come Home to You

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