How to stay focused during times of growth

Have you ever found yourself getting pulled into every little conversation and detail of the external world revolving around you?

You can't pause for long enough to breathe and feel centered?

Everything you once thought you had worked through, seems to be rushing back at you?

Fear not, you are not alone. This is exactly my experience every time I find myself moving through a period of growth.

There is a level of crazy that ensues every single time that I am learning to better navigate as I move through it.

I have learned to maintain my trust in everything always working out for me and my greater good before it becomes visible in my awareness. This process takes conscious effort and choosing where my attention goes.

When feeling all the stressors and overwhelm I tune into my breath and become aware of myself in my body.

My favorite process is to take a moment to breathe in for 5 seconds, hold my breath for 5 seconds, and release for 5 seconds. I recommend yo repeat this three or more times until you feel complete and more at ease in the present moment you are living.

Now tune in and ask yourself what do you ACTUALLY want for yourself?

What is it that you are calling in for yourself that has effectively started to shift everything in your world as a result?

Why this is an important step in shifting your awareness? It brings you back to center and reminds you of your true heart desires being what you get to have.

These desires were placed in you on purpose with a purpose. They are your birthright and you get have all of them.

When you realize that you asked for the exact circumstance that you are currently living into, and that this period of growth is collapsing time to bring to you all that you desire, everything in your awareness shifts and you come to understand that this is all just part of the process.

That everything is already always working out for you. When you trust and know in this truth, you take you power back from any and all external forces and activated Faith. The power that moves mountains.

My second tip: Following your breath work, tune into your desires, feel into already having them in your body. What would you think, know, feel, and do now, if you already had the most amazing outcome as yours?

From there, I recommend that you visualize: See yourself already on the other side of all the things that are causing you stress. Everything having worked out perfectly for you in your favor.

Once you have seen and felt into the most favorable outcome for yourself: Take the inspired action that is aligned with you already being on the other side of this period of growth.

Follow these steps with conscious awareness and focused intention to move through periods of growth with ease grace, and flow.

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