How far we have come.. And how far we have still yet to go.

Disclaimer: What I am about to say may be received as controversial and may offend/trigger you. I ask that you simply try it on for size.. sit without judgment and feel into the truth of what may be a possibility. Leave whatever doesn’t resonate at the door and consider the rest.

As beings it is my belief that we are all the same and created in the image of the creator. A spirit having a human experience.

In that, the only truth that makes sense to me given the current state of the human condition (ie separation) is that as spirit beings.. as we evolve... our souls choose to embody in a given form with the intention to create unity. To face, head on, the perception of separation.

As a result True love takes on so many forms that go against the grain. Love across all ages, races, and sexes has always existed… the difference today is that we are rising up and choosing love over fear more than ever before.

On one side …I see the acceptance of the LGBT community as part of our evolution to integrate and lean into our oneness .. and on the other side .. I see the possibility of deeply & profoundly loving homes for children that are appreciated and loved unconditionally. (Dare I say, natures way of compassionate population control)

[Consider, for a moment, how many stories you have heard about children being dumped at birth in garbage cans .. disposed of as trash, unwanted by those to whom such a gift comes so easy.]

It is very clear to me that as spirit beings having a human experience, that the LGBT community is natures way of encouraging us to lean into love and the unification of all.

I write this entry in a coffee shop in the lobby of one of my clients buildings. As the last sentence flowed out of me and on to my screen, I am reminded of this truth… looking up, I bear witness to a loving exchange between two men. I smile and know that these words are truth.. I smile as I feel their love for one another.

The universe makes not mistakes .. there are no accidents .. no separation .. remember who you are and what you came here to do.

Given the recent horrible crime against Jussie Smollett that took place in my home city of Chicago... I feel it is Divine timing for me to share this blog and my interview with Cindel Coss (DJ Cindel)

Tune in to hear Cindel share freely about his life and struggles as a Puerto Rican Gay man living with HIV:

It was both an honor and privilege to interview my dear friend Cindel Coss for my podcast.

Here are some of the questions he will be answering throughout our conversation:

What is the biggest challenge you have found/continue to find yourself facing as a gay man in our current day society? A gay man living with HIV?

You are who you are, you have a purpose and there is a reason you are here. We have found so much for our right as human beings.

What is one of the biggest lessons you feel you have learned in life?

To be true to yourself.

Why did you get into DJing? What drew you in ? What do you aspire for as your long term goal? How do you desire to inspire others to live their lives to the fullest?

If you could go back to your 20 year old self and impart your most valuable piece of wisdom that you have as a take away from life ...what would it be?

If you could leave our listeners with a piece of guidance and a call to action.. what would it be?

Tune in now to hear him share his answers to all of these questions and more: Real Talk w/Zhanna Podcast Interview of Cindel Coss

Massive Love - Zhanna

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