How Cancer Saved A Life

Updated: Mar 15, 2018

The Kara Kenyon Story

Many of life's defining moments stop us dead in our tracks, forcing us to look ourselves square in the face. One such moment altered the life of a dear friend of mine, Kara Kenyon. She has granted me the privilege to share her story with you today.

In a moment we wont soon forget, a sweet, innocent, and beautiful young soul received a life altering diagnosed as the doctor uttered the dreaded words: "You have Lymphoma". Kara found herself shocked and bewildered. At the young age of only 21 with no family history of cancer.

I remember the moment I received the news. I was blindsided. What was the meaning of this? Why her? There must be a silver lining. I just know she is going to be OK. No matter how scary her lymphoma diagnosis was at the time.

I immediately went into a frenzy, researching anything and everything, that could point me to the underlying cause for the manifestation of this disease. I recall sending her an article I had found on the topic. It referenced that a deep seeded resentment and suppressed rage at the family system, specifically targeting the parents, may be responsible for the cancer manifesting in her physical being.

Although she didn't fully understand, she felt an intense resonance with the words she read. The truth was yet to be revealed.

Right after completing treatment - July 2013

Lets us now dive in to the day we reconnected. It was 8 months after her original diagnosis and her final chemo treatment. We decided to take her through a journey of self discovery with a guided meditation session.

I've always felt a deeper knowing that all of our memories are stored in our subconscious and effect us in our present day to day lives. Kara's revelation that day, was proof of this truth.

I took the journey into the dark abyss with her, breaking down in tears as I heard her do the same. Tears triggered by her earliest memory as a preemie in an incubator away from her parents.

There was more to work through however, so we forged on. Her next memory took us to the day she almost drown in her family pool. Where were her parents she asked? She cried out feeling neglected and abandoned. Realizing that her family had kept this truth from her, as she had no memory of the occurrence, deeply pained her. She had spent the majority of her life blaming herself as feelings of unworthiness came up. Little did she know her feelings stemmed from the neglect she experienced that day.

After the session, we both took a deep breathe and let out a huge sigh of relief. We realized that as the underlying cause was brought to light, true healing could now begin.

In that moment a new journey of self discovery, acceptance, love and forgiveness began.

Dear Kara, let fast forwarding now, to the first day of the rest of your life. I asked you first to remind me of the day you received your diagnosis... yet you couldn't remember. I then asked you to recall the day you were told that you were in remission. You rattled of the answer without hesitation. March 28th, 2013... this date marks the first day of the rest of your life. Your words resonated with me that day.

"I know that I've concurred this. I feel healthy and free of the dis-ease (within the spirit) that created this disease in me (the physical manifestation)"

It was then that we came to the realization, that Cancer had saved your life. Had it not been for your Cancer, you would not be the woman you are today. Closer to your authentic self, with an amazing and miraculous message to share with the world. What is it that you family called you? Miracle Baby? I must agree wholeheartedly... you are a walking miracle Kara, and Cancer did indeed save your life.

This experience brought us closer together in a most Divinely orchestrated way, resulting in massive growth. I look at the beautiful, confident, and grounded woman that stands before me today. She is a stark contrast to the lost, confused, and deeply wounded young lady I once knew. You were brought into my life with purpose, on purpose Kara.

I am deeply grateful to have had the privilege to bear witness to your self realizations over the years and look forward to many more still to come.

I love you from the bottom of my heart. - Zhanna

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