I woke up today honoring my human emotion of feeling sad.. sad that today I am leaving beautiful California and my even more beautiful soul sister Jacqueline Yvette.

Now don't get me wrong, I am so happy and grateful for our time together this past week. For the life and business that I have created which affords me the time, freedom, and money to work from anywhere in the world.

I am so deeply grateful for the gift of this beautiful life. I wake up every morning saying "thank you". Grateful that I GET to live a life and work a business that brings me so much joy... that fulfills me and lights me up.

I am grateful for the incredible clients I GET to serve each day and the miraculous life transformations that I GET to bear witness to through them.

All of this is my truth.. all of it possible as a result of saying YES to myself.. to my Soul nudges.. to honoring both my human experience which is laced with an array of human emotions.. and also honoring my deepest heart desires.

This is why I am sharing the Truth of the experience I have coming up for myself today..

To speak to the truth that we are all here living a human experience and we get to honor ALL of that experience.. to honor, recognize, acknowledge, look upon, and allow ourselves to process every facet of this experience.

With the intention of moving through and continually growing in the direction of our dreams.

Our awareness to looking at the positive side of things is great... yet, it is not intended nor does it serve us when we use that awareness as a tool for avoidance and what we most often call "spiritual bi-passing" these days.

What is that you ask?

It is when we minimize or ignore our human emotions by simply avoiding what is going on underneath the surface for us.

It serves us greatly to honor with the intention of releasing to create space for more energy, more grace, more clarity, more fulfillment to become available to come through.

So todayI honor my experience and tune into the truth of the emotion I am allowing to move through me.. and as it does.. I drop deeper into Gratitude and a knowing that life gets to get better and better from here.

I experience a clearing in my willingness to honor and release ... one that brings great clarity...

This sadness is pointing me to look deep within my heart and honor that which lives there....

and it hits me, my heart desire is guiding me to lean into more joy and surrender..

To be even more grateful for all that I have in my life now and to be still and know that so much more is yet to be revealed.

The sadness is a catalyst for a remembrance... a anchoring into ..

"go this way... follow your joy.. this is your pathway home to a life that you have yet to comprehend the magnitude of fully"

So you see.. every human emotion is perfect.. deserves your attention and intention of allowance.

And every time you honor yourself.. come home to yourself a little more...

You enhance the quality of your life.. and align yourself with a richness of a life that deeply fulfilling, joyous, and prosperous.

Affirm daily: I now honor and release all of my human experiences to make room for super human flow!

Does this message speak to you?

What would be the impact of no longer pushing... pulling... resisting... avoiding?

How much longer are you going to let yourself hang out in the struggle aspect of being human?

What’s it worth to you to become the highest and best version of yourself living your most aligned, authentically expressed, and prosperous life?

It’s time.

Let’s do this together.

Comment yes or reach out if you’re ready to stop the struggle and make it easy.

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