Give your body a break .. the deeply healing benefits of intermittent fasting.

Updated: Sep 23, 2018

"When the Whisper turns into a high pitch scream in agony and simply can no longer be ignored ..."

I couldn’t take a moment long enough to stop.. stop stuffing everything down.. fear.. crippling fear.. of being different.. of being judged for my truth, for showing up too boldly, of triggering another to awaken out of their slumber ...

I spent the majority of the last 35 years of my life stuffing everything down.. worried about appeasing and pleasing others.. placing external approval before my own truth. What a miserable existence.

It was my safe place, my way to control an otherwise uncontrollable existence. I lost myself .. sinking deeper with each passing moment. Drowning in my own self abandonment

"Who was I to feel? To live? To Breathe?"

The self loathing was unbearable, so I kept on.. painting a pretty picture to the world while behind closed doors the darkness was closing in... only a sliver of light shown through.. the light of my Truth... of my Soul.. beckoning me to come HOME.

"This is not the way".. it whispered.. "you were made for more.. the truth you do desperately attempt to hide, is exactly what the world needs.. don’t you see dear one.. you are the light that is meant to illuminate the way."

But what will they think? What will they say? Who am I to show up this way?

Argued the stories (ie the asshole taking up precious space in my head)

See I couldn’t remember who I was.. who I had left all alone to fend for herself that day on the playground ..

The sweet, deeply loving, strong little girl that didn’t realize, that her gifts might scare some .. yet at the same time, inspire others

I turned away from her, from myself, from my purpose and who I was made to be .. out of fear of the pain of being different .. scared that it would just hurt to much.. to go on living.

That was the day I stopped living.. the day the numbing began, all the stuffing down of the self, of the truth, of life.

That day, surviving took the driver seat... and I stopped breathing.

What have you been stuffing down? Avoiding? Running from?

Can you recall the moment you turned away from yourself? Abandons yourself?

At this point you are probably wondering to yourself:

“When is she going to get to the point? What does any of this have to do with intermittent fasting?”

I promise, it’s coming...

It took me to put myself.. my mind, body and sprite through Hell for 34 years before “I” had had enough.

It started with acknowledging the inner yearning to seek more out of life... and came to a head when I physically fell ill .. unable to continue eating foods that I had “survived” on for decades.

My body had had enough.. I had to choice but to listen .. first it was cutting food out that cause me horrible physical pain.. then it was finding my reset, in foods that made my body respond with energy and vigor..

Throughout this process I learned about Intuitive Health..

Listening to your body regarding what serves it’s greatest good...

That includes eating what is aligned for me and moving my body when i feel called (not out of punishment but rather out of love for the self and a desire to enjoy physical movement— I know a CRAZY concept isn’t it ?)

As far as how Intermittent Fasting plays a roll in this and.. how is it healing??

I actually unintentionally stumbled upon its benefits as my business picked up and days got busy with taking Aligned Inspired Action.. so much so that I forgot to eat.. or rather wasn’t feeling the need.. and just listened to my body.

I didn’t feel hungry as one would imagine.. I felt energized, I felt focused and completely in FLOW during these times..

And one distinction I made that really stuck with me, was the fact that when I did feel what I was used to perceiving as “hunger pains”... I would find myself taking a deep breath in and noticed that they passed almost a quickly as they came ..

With each breathe in... and out.. I felt a release.. an UNSTUFFING-UP.. as apposed to a STUFFING-DOWN.

My body was ever so gently helping me come back to center to release the trapped, suppressed emotions that had lived within me for so long.

Each breathe felt like a deep LETTING GO..

Like the Breath after a really deep crying session but without the tears.

See in my personal experience with the Healing Benefits of Intermittent Fasting and Intuitive Healing..

I was able to identify, when I was using food, as a coping mechanism to stuff down uncomfortable feelings..

I was able to learn to trust myself and discern between my addiction to avoidance and a deeply loving and supporting desire to nourish my Soul.

Today I choose the latter, most of the time..

Hey, I am human... still having much to learn.. :)

And so, I do..

Learn to let go.. to let love in.. to trust and honor my Truth..


Thank you to “accidentally” stumbling upon Intermittent Fasting and Intuitive Healing..

Thank you to all of it and for what is still to come!

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