Feeling Stuck? 3 Steps to Taking your Power Back and Stepping into Action:

Change your Perception .. Change your Actions .. Change your Life.

You can not alter your actions and get results, without first, transforming your perception... also called mindset reframe.

"I am here to empower others to empower themselves"

So often we give over our power to things that are outside of us. Not realizing that we have done so, we find ourselves feeling stuck and overwhelmed. I know the feeling all too well. Today I am going to share with you my steps to reclaiming my personal power and creating powerful breakthroughs as a result.

Here are my Three Steps to Taking your Power Back and Stepping Powerfully into Action:

Identify - where YOU are responsible for your loss of power.

Understand - How are you perceiving said experience/area of life where you feel a loss of power?

Choose Differently - How are you responding to/interacting said experience/person/area of life when/where you find yourself with a loss of power?

Warning: Amazing Results May Occur if you apply the above.

Thank you for tuning in. Sending you all the love! Zhanna

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