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"May I Leave You Transformed"

I am a Transformational Coach for those seeking to live their most authentic Soul led lives.  I combine an equal balance of logic (practical applicable inner landscape reflection work) and intuition (I am highly empathic and pick up on things not seen or spoken) when working with my clients.  I use the word Transformational to describe the results my clients receive during our time together.  If you are looking for a catalyst for powerful positive change in your life, I am your girl! 

In my early 20s, I was lost and unaware of my own co-creational abilities.  I was equipped with limiting beliefs, which derailed me, and took me off my beaten path of least resistance.  A path that was out of alignment with the flow of creation and my purpose.


Had I had the proper mentorship, I could have saved myself a decade of anguish and life lessons learned the hard way.  Who says that anything has to be hard? That is (life has taught me) an absolutely lie! And the very reason why, I feel, it is my duty to share my truth. In an effort, to defragment and unscramble, the false truths that we so unknowingly adopted as our own, throughout our lives.


What we fail to realize, is that these false truths are not our own at all.. and we get to choose to change our minds, shift our belief systems and transform our lives.  We get to live our lives with purpose, on purpose, as the amazing co-creational beings that we were created to be.

I will work with you to bust through the blocks of your limiting beliefs and step into your power.  You are not alone, nor do you have to struggle and learn things the hard way, like I did.  I am here to help!

Zhanna Romm

This is my life's work and nothing brings me more joy than to help others transform their lives.  Seeing the light reignited within them is truly one of the most fulfilling aspects of my work. 


During sessions, clients have expressed that they experienced many an “aha” moment, a sense of peace, certainty that all is well, and clarity that comes through the visions that they may see and the messages that they may receive from connecting to their higher selves. 


These comes through as hits of inspiration and sudden inner knowings that become revealed (it has always been there, we just removed the block).  As I learned from one of my mentors, Gabby Bernstein, I am taking my clients through a process of unlearning to remember who they really are and what they get to have in their lives. 


I discovered that I had a gift of being a strong conduit for Life Force energy after a trip to India in 2015 with my Spiritual Teacher.  It was during practice sessions with clients (based on their amazing feedback) that it became very clear to me to I was to incorporate meditations into my practice.

If you are reading this, you were created with purpose and on purpose. I am here to help guide you to the truth of who you are. You heart desire is your calling on this...
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