Guided Meditation Series


Are you looking to cultivate a mediation practice but don't know where to start?


Do you have trouble quieting your mind and tuning into a state of relaxation?


Do you desire to connect more to yourself and gain clarity on the desired of your heart?


Want to learn how guided meditation can help improve the overall quality of your life?

Hi!  My name is Zhanna,

Meditation has been a mandatory element  that I incorporate into all of my client work as it clears the mind and tunes the energy of the individual on the receiving end.  As a powerful conduit for life force energy, I facilitate intensely deep and transformational shifts during my client sessions. 
Powerful shifts and breakthroughs have been a reality for my client as a result of these mediations alone.

The Details

Sessions are 30 minutes with clarity of intention setting to start (although what needs to come through comes through regardless).. a meditation and a closing up of your energy field with set next action steps to send your on your way. 


You will receive your personalized sessions as digital replays to enjoy forever.


The sessions are a sacred time if intuitive downloads from my higher self to yours and are very unique to every individual and session. 

After numerous requests I have finally created a
Guided Meditation Series Membership
to be able to share my gifts with all of you. 
You will One Session per month, as described above, for ONLY:

Are You Ready?



Disclaimer:  Individual results can not be guaranteed.  I believe in the transformational results that are possible for my clients, I don't not however guarantee specific results.  Client results may vary.