Hi! My name is Zhanna Romm and I am on a mission to help women fall madly in love with themselves and create lives that they are wildly obsessed with.

I’ve created a magical experience for the woman that is strong, courageous, inspired, and ready to say YES to herself fully. 


She is ready to take responsibility for the life she has created, clean up her mindset, and transform her life from the ground up, choosing to love herself every step of the way.

Join me for a 12 week journey home to yourself .. as you apply radical responsibility .. and come out the other side empowered, rooted in love, and free to create a life of your wildest dreams.



Love You is a 12 week Digital Course that will be delivered via a Private FB Group which you will receive access to upon enrollment. You will have unlimited access and replays for life. Digital support will include bi-weekly Homework, Mediations, Affirmations, Recorded Video trainings, a FB support Group, and Live Q&A sessions.



Module 1 | ​Clarity 

We will work on getting clear on who you are, what you want, and learning to trust/honor your intuition.  

Module 2 | Personal Responsibility

Taking a cold hard look at where you are currently and how you are at cause for the life you have created. (The Mindset Work) This week may sting a bit, this is some powerful stuff!

Module 3 | Radical Ownership & Authentic Communication

I call this clean up week as you take what you learned last session and apply as you communicate your authentic truth as you take ownership for where you showed up as less than your best self in past interactions.  (The Practical Work).  Prepare to have your mind blown this week.. so many blind spots to be revealed it may make your head spin.  

Module 4 | Affirm Your Desire

Post clean up ask and you shall receive.. as you have now created a clearing and affirmed that you are the most deserving self.

Module 5 | Shedding Spiritualized Ego Layers

For every new level there is a new Devil

This week will prepare you for the end game… how to navigate challenges along the way. 

Module  6 | Active Faith & Trust

This is an on going piece of the work.  As you move through your day to day lives and are granted opportunities to learn and grow.. you will be able to confidently navigate your relationships to assess what is of the highest and best.


Plus:  Bi-weekly LIVE Q&A with Hot Seat Feature in our Private FB group. 

I have never taken an online course before. Is this course for me?  Yes! The trainings are easy to follow.  Each step of the process is broken down to ensure students receive the most out of each training.
What if I can't start right away?  That is OK!  Start and go at your own pace.  You have unlimited lifetime access to the course.
Is there a payment plan option? Yes.  The payment options are below.
What can I expect out of this course?  Expect to walk away with a transformed mindset around love and an ability to create your dream life .  I give you the tools and guide you through, step by step, so that you too can creating powerful results.
What is your refund policy?  Due to the nature of this course, there are no refunds.
Can you guarantee result?  You get out of this course, that which you put into it.  With that, I believe in the massive results that are possible for anyone taking this course. I don't not however guarantee specific results.   
Are You Ready?


Bonus: 90 min 1:1 Laser Focused Coaching Call

Bonus: "Come Home to You" Mug


Payment Plan

Bonus: "Come Home to You" Mug


3 bi-weekly payments

Extended Payment Plan


10 bi-weekly payments

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You can now also pay with PayPal over time. Click the banner to apply and once approved (this takes seconds and is a soft check approval) you will be able to select Pay with PayPal Credit at checkout.

Disclaimer: Results may vary.  By enrolling in this program, you are agreeing to my standard Terms and Conditions.

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