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Day 1
Day 1 - Inner reflection Questions and Journaling Prompts: 


Reminder: The only things blocking you/keeping you stuck is the story you have been telling yourself about how blocked/stuck you are and why it must certainly must be so.


Are you willing to release your resistance by owning that it is yours and that you have been choosing it?


Are you ready and choose to free yourself and step fully into the most authentically version of the self?


Looking at all of the areas of your life - love, physical, money, success, family..etc


Assess - Do you have all that you desire in each of these areas?  Think all of your hearts desires being met.. dream life scenario.


Take Responsibility - What are the stories/excuses you have been telling yourself about why you don’t have what you want in each of these areas. Write it all down. 


Practice being a detached observer as you do this exercise.  There is no judgment.  Non of this is wrong. Simply allow it all to come up and out, honoring the human experience as it does.  Get it all out and start to consider what your life gets to look like when you free yourself from all that has been “holding” you back.


Start to play with the vision of what your life gets to look like on the other side of anything and everything is possible.


See you for Day 2 when we will activate and inspire the New Story you get to write!


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Owning Your Power as the Author of Your Life
Day 2 - Inner reflection Questions and Journaling Prompts: 


Today you get to take back your power and write out your vision for your life as a Conscious Co-Creator.  Owning your power.. taking responsibly without judgement .. detached observer self 

Did you find it difficult to write out all the fears/stories/excuses?  Still feeling stuck or blocked around it?  

Well today’s work will for sure get all that stirred up and in your awareness .. as you look upon your desire you will start hearing all of the reason come up.. also if you are finding your mind taking you to a place that focuses on what you don’t have or don’t want. 


Look upon these thoughts as the opposite end of a stick .. on the other end is what you actually want.


Write out a vision of what you desire for yourself in each area of your life.  What does you getting exactly what you want look like in:




Physical (Health & Fitness)



Commit to yourself that you are no longer going to hold yourself back from living your best life and set the intention to always be guided.  This will prepare you for the Inspired Action piece we are going to cover on Friday.  All from flow of course!


See you for Day 3 when we dive into Owning our Power as co-creators and taking Inspired Action!


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Knowing in Action = A New Way of Being (This is FLOW)

Day 3 - Inner reflection Questions and Journaling Prompts: 

You get to be yourself and share authentically and in doing so you get to create connection and a possibility for receiving what you truly want out of every area of your life. 

I invite you to reflect each area of your life below and own where you have been inauthentic with yourself about what you really want and what is not working/out of alignment.

Then choosing into what you now get to have.. what is one action you can now take to get back into integrity with yourself to move the needle in the direction of what you actually want in this area of your life.

This may require you owning your truth and having the difficult yet healing conversation with your partner / friend / parent.

This may require you getting your butt into the gym or in to see your doctor for a check up. 

I invite you to be brutally honest with yourself and boldly brave in your conviction to take the inspired action that you know you need to take.

Physical (Health & Fitness)

Practice this daily.. until it become second nature and the results you seek organically appear in your life as if by design. :)

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You hold the POWER.. Choosing OUT of Your Fear