Previously called fabulously abundant you
Over the next 7 Days you will be doing the work of ...
Aligning with your Truth and Living your most
inspired,  authentic, abundantly successful Life. 
Day 1
Checking in - With the truth of who you are...
Who are you? Really?
Journaling Deep Dive Download Session..
Tune in.. feel into who you are, and what you desire from this space of Authenticity. What have been saying no to yourself about all along that you have always wanted but never believed that you could actually get to have it?
What do you really want?  If there were no restrictions, absolutely nothing in the way stopping you.. what would you call in right now?  Give yourself permission to have right now?  Believe and know about yourself right now?
Who have you always known yourself to be deep down in your soul?  The you, you have kept hidden from the world for fear of being judged "too much"?
Day 2

Reflection -


What’s stories have you been telling yourself to keep from stepping into that role/version of you?

Journal on this now (don't wait.. just do it).. until you feel complete (2-3 pages at least). Until every last crazy story/reason/limiting belief is out of you and onto the pages of your journal.

An important piece to consider as you do this work is to allow what need to come up and through you .. to do so without judgement.  Be the detached observe self.  The goal is not to analyze, give meaning to, or get to the root cause of any of it.  It is simply a brain dump.. a defragmentation of the mind.  

Our minds are similar to the core processing units in a rather powerful and comprehensive computer system. 

Disclaimer: Massively nerdy break down of what can be described as the Defragmentation of the mind below:

Defragmentation is the process of locating the "noncontiguous fragments of data" (incongruent thought forms... those beliefs that ar out of alignment with your goal, vision, desire) into which a computer file may be divided as it is stored on a hard disk, and rearranging the fragments (reframe the thought forms) and restoring them (restoring them to the truth congruent to your goal, vision, desire) into fewer fragments or into the whole file (making your beliefs whole and complete within the outcome you desire).

Dump it all today ... so that tomorrow you may see it goodbye for good!!

Day 3

Process to release (move through)


Are you ready and willing to let go of your self inflicted “limitations” .. can we look upon them, witness them, and move forward from them? 

Go back to your mind dump from yesterday... re-read each statement/story/belief/negative thought telling you can't have and be and know all that you desire?

Reach each one out loud or to yourself (which ever feels best) and ask yourself the following questions:

Is this mine?

How is this serving me? (keep in mind the way that it may be serving you is never for your highest and best)

Do I want to let this go in order to receive what I truly desire?

Am I willing to let this go? YES!!!

Cross it out and affirm its opposite on a new sheet of your journal now: GO.. all of it. until you are complete.

Affirm:  I choose to let this go.  I choose my highest and best.  I am ready and willing to see things differently.  Please help me to see things differently. 

Remember: "Every Loving Word is True... if it isn't Loving, it lacks truth" - ACIM

Bonus Daily Homework: 

Pay extra attention to your internal dialogue this week and as you notice a negative thought / limiting belief come to mind.  Stop yourself in that moment and write down its opposing positive affirmation in your journal.  The goal is to get you into the habit of reframing your negative self talk.  So much so that it becomes second nature for you to do so. 


At the end of the week,  spend about 10-15 minutes reflecting on your self talk and any changes you have notices as a result of this exercise. 


I suggest dedicating a few pages in your notebook/journal that you may write your affirmations so that you may easily go back and reflect upon at the end of the week (notice any themes/trends).



You miss the gym one day and start in on yourself with the judgmental negative inner dialogue (“I am a failure, I am inconsistent, I am not good enough, I know better, I am lazy etc)… catch yourself in that moment. Forgive yourself for the day and tell and start a new more empowering dialogue with yourself. (feel free to replace gym with whatever applies in the moment and complete the affirmation reframe below as it applies)


“Even though I am judging myself for not going to the gym today, I am willing to forgive myself for judging myself and still fully and completely love and accept myself.”

Affirm: I love moving my body.  I thrive when I make time to be active.  I look forward to my time at the gym and love the way that I feel as a result.  I am committed to feeling my best always.  I am exactly where I need to be doing what I need to be doing.  I love and accept myself just as I am.  

Day 4

Shifting Your Energy - Today we work on shifting out energy as I take you through a powerful future visioning meditation.






















As directed in the video.. take out your journal and write out the vision that came through for you during the meditation.  This is really powerful in itself as you start to dream past your current realm of possibilities into a next level awareness of what gets to be. 

Over the next few days and forever.. practice holding the vision and feeling into the feelings of already having it 1-2 min at a time throughout your days. 


This is a powerful exercise in manifesting your desires.. as manifestation happens when you feel it as existing in the now already. 

Bonus Homework Piece:

Get clear on your why - Why do you actually want it? The core heart desire piece. The Deeper vision.. now that we have done a bulk of work. 

How is it going to serve you to receive it? How does you receiving it serve your Your family/relationships? Your community?

How will you use it ?  Example: Give your money a purpose.. you say you want $10,000.  How will to support you?  What do you plan on using it for? How will you circulate it?  Give it a direction in which it is to flow.

Day 5

Surrendering the How - Let go and let Guidance carry you..

What is surrender?  How do I surrender ?  Oh the irony in this questions.. Its is a letting go of the how. It is a release of having to figure everything out .. every detail of what it takes to get you there. 

Today we work and meditate on tuning in.. being still.. listening to hear.. and recognizing when we are being guided to our next most aligned action steps.

Not a moment sooner.. release any need to explain or understand.. lean into trust and acting out of certainty (you know when you know .. this is absolute). If you aren't sure... wait.. when its your aligned inspired next step.. you know and then you GO.  We speak more on this tomorrow. 

Day 6

Taking Aligned Inspired Action - letting your Soul take the driver seat .. your internal navigation system to your desired outcome.

Journal out what comes up for you in response to the following journal prompts... write until there is nothing left. 


Keep asking.. what else?:

What are your next align action steps to get you there?

What if you already knew exactly what was aligned for you to do next?

What would you be doing now that you know exactly what do next?  How do you feel knowing that everything is exactly as it should be always, working out perfectly for you?  

What would you choose to know and believe and feel right now knowing that the outcome / desire is already done?

Day 7

Let go -


Release the outcome .. setting it free.. allowing for the highest and best version of your desire to be made manifest as a result.  “This of something better”

Journal Prompts:

Am I willing to release my vision and trust that an even more glorious one is already on its way? 


What if it already is and by holding too tightly you only restrict air flow and the space that it needs to be made manifest?

What if even the MOST Fabulously Abundant vision of You and your life that you have ... pales in comparison to what is actually possible and meant for you?  

What if me letting this go allows for my something better to come through? 

Affirm: I now let go, holding on loosely.. allowing this or something better.. may your will be done..  thank you..  It is done.