Buildout Your Business Like a Boss
How to start your heart led business and create impact now!

Looking to start / scale your business?

Tired of working your 9-5 while knowing you were made for more?


Don't want to get stuck in the rat race of charging by the hour/session/service? 

Don’t know where to start when it comes to selling session packages.. ie program design?

Having a hard time pricing according to the true value of your services?

Get clear on the benefits of packaging your business and selling outcome based program design vs individual sessions/services 


Receive 1 - 60 min digital training per week for 4 weeks 

Learn how to build out 3  & 6 month programs

(formula works for any length of time)

Learn how to charge based on the transformation

Receive lifetime access to the course along with a Virtual Facebook community where you will have access to me and your peers for support, guidance and inspiration.

I’ll teach you the process I use with my clients, to assess your client needs and prescribe an outcome based program (program design)


I’ll also teach you my Step by Step program build out.


I’ll walk you through auto draft setup in PayPal with subscription button creation (no more invoicing.. we are shifting your energy from the energy of chasing money to the energy of receiving money).  This process can be applied to the provider of your choice. 


Learn how to integrate your email provider  (aWeber is my choice for this course) with ease.  This is a great feature when offering courses that require an email sequence.  Set it up once and let the integration do the rest.  

Bonus:  Client Intake/Questionnaire Template (can be customized based on industry.. ie Coaches, Aestheticians, Massage Therapists, Personal Trainers)

Bonus:  Sample Client Agreement (created and reviewed by my attorney - Diana Chen)

Extra Legal Bonus:  Training on all things (Client Waivers, Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, Terms and Conditions, Disclaimers) securing the legal side of your business with my attorney Dianna Chang ..  "Let's work together toward making sure your business is legally secure so that you can focus on building your empire."
Extra Marketing Bonus: Heart Centered Selling: Tie it all together by letting the world know about your great work! Your clients need you. Bonus Live Q&A: Featuring Soulful Marketer and Strategy Guru Juliana Garcia.​. a next level Marketing.

Content Flow
Building Your Foundation - Value Based Program Focus .. All things Program Design (How are you showing up? Who are you? Why does your client need you and your great work? Ideal client break down)
Client Needs Assessment (you as the authority) - Creating a Program to fit their needs.. what is the outcome? What do your sessions consist of? What is it that they can expect to get out of your time together ? Set clear expectations on both sides... (Homework included) The client gets as much as they put into it.  
Built Out Steps - Program creation / break downs of services / review discount/bonuses.. 3-6 month w/ Pricing breakdown: PIF (discount for this), Monthly and Bi-weekly payment plans.

Tech Savvy - Going Live; create buttons / integrate email. Review and demystification of ALL THINGS LEGAL .. Client Waivers, Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, Terms and Conditions, Disclaimers.  Bonus Training and Resources Provided.

Week 5:
Heart Centered Selling: Tie it all together by letting the world know about your great work! Your clients need you. Bonus Live Q&A: Featuring Soulful Marketer and Strategy Guru Juliana Garcia.​. YOUR Next Level Marketing.
How It Works

This course is 100% digital and yours online forever! 

There are four 60 minute training modules that will be recorded live for you. 

You have unlimited access and replays. 

You will receive access to the Private Facebook group upon enrollment for the course.


Bonus Live training and Q&A session date/time will be provided via email after completion of Module Four and will be accessible in your Private Facebook Group.

All the course content and future updates are yours forever.

Hi! I am Zhanna!


I am a Intuitive Energy Coach and Mindset Mentor.  I combine an equal balance of logic (practical applicable inner landscape reflection work) and intuition (I am highly empathic and pick up on things not seen or spoken).  I use the word Transformational to describe the results my clients receive during our time together. 


One of my gifts is the ability to dial down and tune into the truth that may be hidden from my client’s view, and guide them, rather efficiently, to powerful breakthroughs and clarity of their aligned next action steps.  

If you are looking for a catalyst for powerful positive change in your life, you have come to the right place! 


Hi! I am Diana!

I am an attorney, traveler, and online entrepreneur. After practicing as an attorney in Chicago and eventually finding my freedom as an online entrepreneur, I now devote my skills toward helping other online entrepreneurs live out their life of freedom by ensuring they have the proper legal protections in place so they can keep all their hard-earned money instead of losing it all to lawsuits and defaulting clients.


My goal is to empower you to take charge of all aspects of your business, including legal, by making legal approachable and easy to understand through my personally curated templates with easy to follow, step by step instructions that allow you to customize your template in 10 minutes or less!


If having your business held together with duct tape and prayers terrifies you as much as it does me, you've come to the right place.

I have never taken an online course before. Is this course for me?.  Yes! The training modules are easy to follow.  Each step of the process is broken down to ensure students receive the most out of the trainings.
What if I can't start right away.  That is OK!  Start and go at your own pace.  You have unlimited lifetime access to the course.
Is there a payment plan option?  Yes! I offer a payment plan.  The payment plan option is below.
What can I expect out of this course?  Expect to walk away feeling inspired and empowered in building out your business. I give you all of the tools and guide you through my step by step process for creating amazing results.
What is your refund policy?  Due to the nature of this course, there are no refunds.
Can you guarantee result?  You get out of this course, that which you put into it.  With that, I believe in the massive results that are possible for anyone taking this course.  Clients have walked away with confidence and clear action steps for going BIG in their business online.  I don't not however guarantee specific results.   



Applying the principles and process in this course, I was able to up level my business.  I moved to a new amazing location.  I more than doubled my income and have my marketing mapped out for the next 6 months !


Since working with Zhanna I feel completely transformed.  I tripled my monthly income within weeks of implementing her business buildout process.


Working with Zhanna has shifted my energy in a big way.  I feel deeply connected to my core message.  I am finding that clients are magnetized to me and sell me on why they have to work with me.  Its amazing!



By enrolling in this program, you are agreeing to my standard Terms and Conditions.