For best results listen with headphones to the meditation you are called to at any given time.

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She Is Risen Embodiment MeditationZhanna Romm
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Elevation MeditationZhanna Romm
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Inner Child Healing MeditationZhanna Romm
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The Surrender Prayer

Listen to and declare this prayer over any situation / relationship in your life that you feel challenged or unclear about. 

It is most powerful in its rearranging of what is our of alignment, so be open to the highest and best to come to pass in the area of your life you speak it over.

Surrender Prayer - Relationship AlchemyZhanna Romm
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Written Word of The Surrender Prayer:


“Almighty Creator.. I know that there is nothing and no one in my awareness with out reason.  That everything and everyone is brought into my life on purpose and with a purpose. 

I ask that you take this relationship/situation between myself and _______ (name the person or the challenge you are facing) and make it Holy as you intended it.  I surrender it over to you now and ask that you move through us, work through us, and speak through us so that the greatest good of all be served.

I ask that you take from me all that no longer serves me and allow that which is for me to make its way into my awareness in Divine Grace.

Thank you, I know that it is done and So it is."