wEek 2
The Art of Receiving
Week 2 Recap/Homework: 
Acceptance - Accept what is/where you are currently ie. Surrender

This week we Learn about Acceptance and Taking Personal Responsibility

Only from a space of acceptance and taking personal responsibility, can we powerfully create new possibilities.

Lets take a deep dive into taking personal responsibility for the life you have created thus far.

What does this mean?


$100 and $1Million are one in the same for the Universe..


I learned a beautiful lesson this weekend.. that the break down/blocks are always on the receiving side.  The signal coming through is always clear, always flowing, always aligned, and of the highest good... see our job is to get so clear that we may become a powerful channel for Receiving.  


Creating new possibilities for receiving from a space of acceptance rather than disowning what you have created is how you do that. 

What is resistance?  Emotional meaning we give everything.. and how we respond as a result.  


That which we resist, suppress, avoid and disown will continue to rear its ugly head at us, blocking us from receiving.


These are the messages from our higher self to accept what is, look within to reframe and let go.. in doing so you create space and allow new possibilities to be made manifest in your life

As we accept what is and surrender the HOW, we honor where we are, as we know that we are always exactly where we need to be.  You cant mess this up.. you are guided and supported.  The universe has your back and God is on your side.

Acknowledge resistance - shine a light on where the resistance exists within you below:


What have you been disowning ? Where have you been inauthentic? What have you been hiding? Where have you not been taking responsibility.  There is no right or wrong, good or bad, only simply what is.  Write it all out. 

Accept what is.. removing meaning .. no right or wrong.. simply what IS.  Guidance does not place meaning on things .. you do.  ​Remove emotion around it so that you can move past resistance. 


Accepting what is.. empowers you 


From this space of knowing we are responsible for everything in our lives, and accepting what is, we can set a new energetic standard and take action in accordance.. 


"Act as her .. the you that has already been there done that.. the you that rises to the occasion daily and shows up in purpose. 


The you that doesn’t dare play small. For she knows that the consequences far our way the perceived reward.

Do it before your ready ! Before you have it all figured out and healed."  

Worksheet Review: 

You will follow the process below to write out your TRUTH STATEMENT.



What stories do you tell yourself that justify your inaction? "I'm not ready, I don't know enough yet, I will do it later... blah blah blah"

Write out all of the fears/limiting beliefs that come up for you. 

Now lets affirm…  What is actually True?  

You are good enough just as you are.  

You are guided and supported in all you do

Your work is of high service and deserving of massive compensation 

There is nothing that you can do to mess this up

It gets to be easy

You have all the answers, you need only look within


Who are you to want that??

You are (fist name, last name) and you are a powerful force of creation.. made for more.. the stories are not your own.. not your truth.. you make the rules and take action in accordance with your magnificence.  When did you forget that you are made of magic.. an extraordinary being of light and full of purpose.

Stop playing small.. stop feeding the lies.. stop listening to the stories.. Go do it all NOW!  

Now, lets dig a little deeper and set new Energetic Standards for ourselves in preparation for next week..

Where are you feeling stuck?

What is your current relationship with money? 

Note where (what areas of your life) you succeed at receiving and where you have set limitations for yourself.


What are your current energetic standards?  Your bare min and max for Receiving ?  Meaning you can’t imagine making any less than X a month, and have no less than X in your savings. (The opposite applies for the max)


Ps this works in the realm of relationships as well (all areas)


Max Cap Standard Stories:  I could never have that, I don’t come from that kind of money, who am I to want more than enough? The Crazy limitations we inflict upon ourselves.

Write this all out and get intimate with where you are currently.  This exercise will set you up for the next level steps of raising your energetic standards for receiving. 


I am always where I need to be doing what I need to be doing

Money flows to me through multiple stream soft of income

I am open to receiving wealth into my life

I am aligned and tuned into my heart desire

I get to have all my needs met simply because I choose

I am in a constant state of surrender and allow myself to receive guidance with ease

I am supported in all that I do

I attract positive, supportive, and loving experiences into my life

My life is overflowing with Abundance


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