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WEeK 3
The Art of Receiving
Week 3 Recap/Homework: 
Implementation Week: Taking Inspired Action
What inspired action IS and what it ISN'T...  The Yin & Yang of Receiving

Distinction: Calling in and receiving our hearts desires is in alignment with our Feminine Energy...
Yet in order to receive powerfully, we are often guided to take action. 
When we operate from our heart space intentionally, this is called taking Inspired Action...
Inspired Action as a Strategic and Intentional action in alignment with our masculine energy.

The process of taking Inspired Action: Living Life in FLOW (In the Zone)

We have all heard of athletes getting into the zone during amazing plays in sports.. that sweet spot when they make magic happen.


We have also heard of the pain and anguish that it takes to get there.  The push through, the force, the commitment .. but what we don’t realize is that is all a perceived and unnecessary part of the experience.  Resulting in our surrender to the moment and a lean in/on the energy/guidance system that is ever present and available to ya in our lives.


How many of us have experiences moments of letting go of something and it appearing almost instantly in our lives ?


Moment of intense clarity, super flow creative periods of what feel like download of insight.. when our best most inspiring work comes through us and we create magic?


What for us there and into these moments was sheer force .. the force that is depicted is only necessary when there appears to be resistance present.  See we have it backwards.. if only we lean into that which we resist, we would be able to tap into this In The Zone State much more organically.  But as humans we are program to believe that life has to be hard, that we must struggle, sacrifice, and earn our way through.  So of course our world will mirror these beliefs back to us in full force.


We must be willing to be awkward .. to look bad .. to be inconvenienced .. to do the “ work”on the way to flow.   


See this state .. of being in the zone of being in Flow of life (not going with the flow let’s be clear on the distinction here.. this is where we learn to discern between our ego self and our inner guidance system) 


Let’s create this distinction now with this beautiful example below;


Our Sacred Longing [Heart’s Desires] Vs Obsession 


Many of us don’t understand the difference between sacred longing and obsession, and this causes such a great deal of pain and confusion in our lives.


Simply put, our sacred longing [of our heart’s desires] is the divine yearning for what is for us – who and what our soul wants to be, do, experience.  Obsession happens when the ego jumps on the sacred longing train – and tries to drive.


"When we look at our lives and learn to accept what is and take personal responsibility for what we have created for ourselves .. it becomes very clear that the error is always on the receiver side.


The message coming through is always clear.. the energy flow always persisting.. the guidance provided always spot on... the support always available to lean into..  so you see .. the issue is always on the receiving side."

This is why I like to call Implementation week… learning to trust yourself again.  

As you implement what you have learned so far,  you will start to gain more and more confidence in yourself and the voice within you that is in alignment with your Truth. 


Lets review what we have covered so far:

Clarity: of Desires

Acceptance: of What is

Reframe: of limiting beliefs/blocks

Calling in Desires: Setting new Min & Max Standards

Implementation: Taking Inspired Actions

Next Steps (we go deeper into these next week):

Resonance: Holding the new Energetic Standards

Receiving: When it hasn't happened yet and you still can't see it, that you know that it is done.  Refrain from concerning yourself with the how and continue the knowing and relaxed state of receiving through trust that you are guided to take inspired action.

The New Normal:  Stepping into a new way of being with activated receptivity 

There are there lightening bolts, hits of inspiration that hit us from what seems like no where.. those clarity moments of absolute certainty that inspire/lead up to take aligned actions.  These actions result in the most powerful results of our manifestation... results that we could not have fathomed to create with our own version of HOW. 

What I'd like us to consider in this moment is.. your desires that you are calling in do not exist in the future .. everything you desire is actually available and exists now...


Given that, you get to relax, accept yourself as good enough to receive, allow yourself to receive now. 

How do I just let go and accept my good-enoughness? When you realize that all your self created reasons for not being good enough to receive... are empty and meaningless.  You are probably wondering what the hell I am talking about.  Bare with me as I expand... Let us try on for size, that ... our stories, limiting beliefs, reasons... hold no actual meaning outside of the meaning we give them.  They are neither good, bad, right, or wrong.  


The realization that we get to have all our stories, limiting beliefs, reasons... without resistance, accepting that they just are, empowers you to be able to shine a light upon them and surrender them (reframe) and create new endless possibilities. 


We get to feel all of our feelings without giving them meaning, with the intention to let it move through you and then choose the emotion and desired outcome that leads you into inspired action based in your desire.

See so much of this work is about trust and looking within for guidance that is unique to you and perfectly aligned for you to receive all that you desire. 

You have the tools, you get to trust your inner guidance system, so you can start living IN THE ZONE intentionally. 


At this stage it is safe for you to start taking action.  Aligned Inspired Action is what we shall call it from her on out. 


What does that mean to you?

What does it feel like to take inspired action?

To me it feels like a certain knowingness that is unreasonable to anything that I would have thought to do to create a particular result:


You feel a nudge, pull, a certainty within of your next steps. 


If you are unclear or uncertain... you may not be ready..


for me inspired action comes with an unquestionable knowing that this is the way.  That is when I take action. 

That is the sweet zone and that is when the magic happens:

Practice stepping into certainty and confidence of receiving your desires... Show up as her.. the already successful coach making all the money doing all the amazing things. 

Practice Deciding what you get to have, and how you get to feel, receive.

Feel the feelings of already having received all the things. (See your worksheet for more on this)



I choose to be receive all things with ease

I am worthy and deserving of all my desires

I choose to life a life of ease, grace and flow

The right things always flow into my life

I choose to let it be easy

My next inspired action steps are obvious to me and i step into them with confidence

I get to receive all the things to be supported on my path

I take aligned inspired action as I feel guided

I am confident in my next action steps


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