The Art of Receiving
Week 1 Recap/Homework:

Review your Pre-Work and complete as homework prior to moving forward.

Let’s begin.. Review Pain points.. why you are here...

To Move beyond Receiving as a concept to Receiving as a possibility ... 


Next Steps: Getting clear on our desires ... so that we stop sending scrambled messages out into the world.


No wonder we aren’t getting what we desire.. on one hand we think we know what we want.. while on the other we are blocking/limiting ourselves from receiving it. 


  • What does Receiving mean to you?


  • How do you feel about receiving ?

  • What does it feel like to receive ? 

See what comes up..  write it out


Can you identify an area of your life where you feel resistance or a blockage to receiving? 


  • What do you feel when in resistance ?  


  • How does feeling blocked from receiving make you feel about yourself and the situation?  (Vicious cycle)


Now that we are a little more aware of the Nutter in our heads keeping us from receiving .. let’s exercise our new found awareness as we allow ourselves to Dream a little.


  • If you could have/receive anything, anything at all.. no judgement, no blocks, full clearing and open to receive .. what would it be ?

Goal/Intention Setting Rules: 


Check in with yourself..  are your goals setting from your heart desire ?


  • Are you motivated by your WHY?


  • Or are you leaning towards a standard set by some external teaching that told you "this IS the WAY" and looks great on paper?


It is my goal to get you out of your heads and into your hearts.. trusting yourself and your intuitive guidance.  You have an internal compass that is set to guide you to your very own North Star.  


The way everyone else did it may very well work for you in the short term (or long if you can hold on for long enough while dying a slow death) but will leave you feeling unfulfilled, lacking true confidence and direction.


It’s not about finding the "winning" formula ... what worked for someone else will never work as well for you.


We are clearing space to create the possibility of your forging your OWN way.  Your Aligned Inspired Action is where your true success and freedom lays.  What is meant to work ideally for you, will always be the BEST WAY.


We can look to others for inspiration yet must remember that our inner guidance system knows what is best for us.


I can not express how liberating it is to surrender and have faith that everything is always working out for our greater good. It feels like I can breathe and that even through the fear and Crazy of up leveling, that I am always going to be ok.. more than Ok.. I’m going to be amazing.. because there is a bigger plan in place than my own could never  have lived up to.


This works on all levels.. all areas of life.. for the sake of this course we will focus on financial abundance to keep it simple.. have fun with it.. practice building confidence with each step.

Weekly Affirmations:

Everything is available to me NOW

There are no limits or boundaries to what I can receive

I am good enough simply because I am 

My desires combined and my willingness to do my part can co-create the life of my choosing.

I get to decide to receive what I desire.


I am working with the Universe, God, whatever you feel aligned with, to co-create my dream life.


God is on my side and the universe has my back. (Thank you Gabby Bernstein)


The desires of my heart are my calling upon this earth

Abundance is my Divine natural birthright


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