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The Art of Receiving
Week 4 Recap/Homework: 
Receive: Knowing that it is already yours.

Coming full circle.. lets revisit Week 1 and witness how far we have come… we have been building a powerful foundation for Receiving... a practice that requires discipline. 


Think of something that you do every day that requires discipline .. that for you is just part of your normal day to day process.  It’s a standard you adhere to without any need to affirm or consider effort/energy to ensure it gets done.  It’s something you have simply decided as a norm and you adhere to it ease and flow. 

This practice is what you will be leaning on going forward. 

The power of surrender and aligned inspired action​:

Everything that you intend/desire/request is already yours and the how is taking care of itself so there is no reason to fret.  No need to control or force.  Everything is always working out perfectly.. in a way that is better than anything you could have ever imagined.

Maintaining Resonance: Holding the new Energetic Standards (Staying an Energetic Match for Abundance).  Reflect on last week's worksheet exercise.  There is a flow to The Art of Receiving that is activated every time you set a new intention. Each round you repeat the steps as we have learned our first time through. Maintaining resonance is a keep player in the receiving as well as in staying an energetic match for what you call in.  We will expand on this in our LIVE Q&A Training after week 5, as we go over the entire process from start to finish. 

Receiving: When it hasn't happened yet and you still can't see it, that you know that it is done.  Refrain from concerning yourself with the how and continue the knowing and relaxed state of receiving through trust that you are guided to take inspired action.

Why knowing your worthy is important:

My story about sending out invoices for payment as my aligned inspired action for receiving. 

Me: Sat down to send out invoices for payment.  Dealt with funky thoughts that came up.  Shifted my energy into receiving.  Took aligned inspired action by sending invoices at that moment. 

My client:"You caught me at the perfect time!! I have money for you! 

I literally wouldn’t have had money to send you yet until this morning and until now after I just deposited money from bank are you psychic??!"

PS.. I have reframes even further from this.. I no longer send invoices.. Everyone is set up on an auto draft payment plan or pay in full.

What steps can you take today that will signal to the universe that you’re ready to receive?

People love to pay you for your services.  Rather than create stories about it, ask to be paid for services rendered,  Preferably.. in advance as this will get you into the energy of Receiving money rather than chasing it (I found this to be a huge one for me in Real Estate)

The more you expect to receive your desires, the more effortless the Receiving. The Receiving flow is always available to us all. We just need to be committed to and aware of the flow in order to Receive.


A Course in Miracles suggests, “Only infinite patience offers immediate results.”


As well as “whomever is certain of the outcome, can wait without anxiety “ . Know that you are always guided and protected . 


Power of clarity, intention, conviction, and receiving: I knew before I KNEW!

Today I surrender my plans, my will, and my fears to the care of my inner guide. I accept that there is a greater plan for me than what my small mind may have had in store. Today I welcome the voice of love to come forward and guide me, teach me, and lead me to a happier state of mind so I can bring more light to the world.  - Gabby Bernstein - May Cause Miracles 

For this week, you can take your energy off of the “how”. 


Commitment yourself to knowing it is done and feeling the feels of this in each present moment.  Go about your days, keeping your vision and knowingness at the forefront of all you do.  Show up as you would having already received your desires.. starting to yourself whenever doubt arises and throughout the day.. remove the emotion and shift your energy.


Affirm: “I am already on the other side of this. I am deeply grateful to have received all my desires in the most perfectly aligned way.  It is done and I am free to go about my day knowing I am receiving”


This process will help you attune your Receiving compass... like a muscle this takes a bit of practice to master.  As you do this, you hone your inner landscape to resonate with Receiving your heart’s desire .. and as your inner world shifts, your external world will shift with it in a most magical and powerful way.


Be a detached observer of how fear has blocked your abundance in the past.. with each shift .. affirm your new truth.

“I am not my lack mentality.” “I choose to believe in abundance and receive it as my reality.”


As you go about your days.. consider what it is that you desire to receive.  Keeping the thought in your mind clear as day. 


Affirm: "Today I am open to receiving.  I surrender the how and know that I am supported in a most powerful way.  The most profound outcome is available to me now.  I am receiving.  It is done and I am grateful!"


Follow what feels good.

Practical Work - Lets revisit:

How does it feel when you are in flow and Receiving? (reference my story as an example- I also went over this in last weeks training video)

How does it feel when you are resisting, feel blocked /stuck and in the energy of reaching/chasing?  


What can you do to shift your state?  What makes you feel good?  (could be getting up and dancing to a favorite tune, doing something kind for someone/helping a friend, going out and spending time in nature.. do whatever feels good fo you to help shift your energy.. we went over this on week 3)

This exercise will help you identify between the two states so that you may more easily shift back into your natural sate of aligned Receiving.

Complete worksheet for this week for clarity on attuning to your in FLOW state.



I surrender the how and accept what is, knowing that which is meant for me will never miss me

I am supported and guided in all I do

I easily and effortlessly attain my flow state 

I am open to new possibilities for receiving abundance into my life

I am in a loving relationship with money

I release all fears and block and affirm my natural state of receiving

I am abundant 

I am receiving. This is my natural state of being.


I allow myself to be an open channel for receiving my desires. 


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