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The Art of Receiving
Week 5 Recap/Homework: 
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The New Normal: Ascending into new Levels of Receiving 

Join me as we talk about stepping into Allowance and being in the world but not of it.

Say What?!

What I am speaking to is expansion.. and moving through to your next levels.

Now that we have mastered the Art of Receiving we step into creating from our next level of self.  Having risen up above the present, as we look up towards what as become present to us as available in the new realm of possibility. 

"Spiritual progress is not measured by phenomena or altered states of consciousness.  Know that you are on the path as you become the observer of the moments of deep peace and trust.  Unlock the recognition that All Is Truly Well!  By recognizing the Divine Perfection in everything, you will find Union, in all its manifest perfection." - Sri Ram Kaa

All about the Outcome:

It is not about the process which often feeds the ego’s need to feel good enough and that you did enough to deserve what is rightfully yours.  Rather it is about the Outcome.. As we reflect it is very clear that the OUTCOMEs that you have been creating have been massive and deeply aligned.  This is your new normal.  IT is no longer about doing enough or perfecting some sort of process that keeps you busy and working all the time to be doing “enough” to create massive results. As you have seen in the past.. doing more does not necessarily lead to more OUTCOME.  Being mindful and listening to the inner knowing of your Soul allows you to drop in and take highly effective aligned action to garner big results.  There are no rules.  You are no re-writing the handbook and becoming more of an expression of your truth each and every day.  

In reference to my story of becoming energetically unavailable for anything other than everything simply always working out for you and in y our favor:

Nicky Minaj Lyric: "I don't gotta talk, the Lord defends me"


Money Relationship Bonus:  Get intimate with your money.


Journal through these:

What have you been avoiding looking at with regards to your money.. that is in need of your attention? (ie bills you have not opened?) 


Do you have bills you need to pay?


Do you have any outstanding disputes you need to follow up on & take action on? Examples: parking tickets, toll road bills, incorrect charges on your CC? etc.  Write it all down. 


Now go through and number them from most important to least 1-10.

Start taking action as soon as possible on from those that are a 10 until you complete the list. 

Are you making auto-payment to things that you feel are unnecessary (I canceled my Netflix for a year as it was not serving to pay and never watch). Make a list of all the things that you are set up on a subscription to that is passive and not a solid YES:

Release yourself from anything that is not an absolute YES.  Take action: Cancel all that does not feel good for you to be spending your money on. 


I now only pay for things that are a solid YES.  If I have to think about it and why I should or could keep it. I cut it loose.  I noticed that anything that is a YES requires no muling over.   If it doesn't feel good to spend your money in this way, give yourself permission to cancel any subscription or change how you feel about them.

The goal here is to shift your energy from worried/panicking/unsupported into feeling empowered and at ease with money as your Divine birthright.

Future Visioning Guided Meditation Bonus: See Worksheet

Do this exercise as often as you feel called to it to activated your next level manifestations. 


Q&A for next week?  Please email me any questions that you would like to answer during our LIVE FB Bonus training next week. 



I am here, I am ready, I am open Guide me!  

I am ready, I am willing, I am moving froward. I know the truth of my heart. 

I know the truth of my soul, and I pay attention to the first yes! or the first NO!

I am willing to observe.  I am a beacon and I am grateful.


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